The “wrong” or “mistake” that the STTA is trying to put right

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When TRE republished this, there were the usual rants, comments against the PAP, govt and Lee Bee Wah.But this is a view worth thinking about

Scrap DSA:

Time to scrap DSA* to elitist top schools like RI.
Many parents use this loop-hole to get an elitist education, the elitist schools get to boast about their sporting achievement.
Once they hit uni, no more sports for them.
What have we achieve in decades of DSA—empty handed.
Still importing sports-persons from PRC.
Solution–huge expansion of sports school. Only those who wants to pursue sports-related career need apply.

[Note under this scheme, good athletes can use their prowess to get into elite schools despite lower academic grades: not a popular scheme for pushy parents of book-worms and the sports school.]

Still, trying to fix a malfunctioning system, doesn’t justify trying to load the dice in favour of weaker players: Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Remember the 77 sway lang:

… I don’t know what connection that boy Edric Lim who was recently being nominated for the Asian Youth Games has with Ah Huay’s people but being beaten recently by a RI boy in the Inter-school competition, it’s obvious he’s not the best paddler.

And our money is wasted on full-time trainees who lose to part-timers, as these TRE readers point-out.

Sports School or Play School ?:

Don’t main main bring your Malaysian Bumiputra policy into Singapore Table Tennis ! Meritocracy means only the best players should be selected for competitions, with no special treatment for Sports School players. What’s so great about Sports School players ? They train day and night like full professionals, yet can’t beat RI whose players play table tennis just for ECA. Who has got more talent ?

Dick her mouth:

… If those players in the Sports School (who spend most of their time training, almost like professional layers) can’t even beat players in mainstream schools, what talent have they got ? Did they pay their way into the Sports school, under our pay and pay system ?

It’s a complex issue.

STTA and Lee Bee Wah (in particular) should try to change the system whereby good athletes can get points in lieu of less than sterling results to get into elite schools, at least for ping-pong. But then I suppose that that’s too tough for a mere MP.

Better to bully, push around pushy parents of good ping-pong players who aspire for academic excellence.

Maybe the solution is to encourage ping-pong players who can get into elite schools an incentive to opt for the Sports School? Provide special education facilities to help them excel in their studies?

  1. The “most” passionate woman picks the man with the biggest stick…whats so strange about a good jock, getting a good seat for higher learning, all schools do the passionate woman

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