Dr M has a point about racial division.

In Malaysia on 25/04/2013 at 3:20 pm

Dr M has been getting a lot of stick on his comments that M’sia is becoming more racially divided. Well he has point going by the data contained ISEAS analysis on M’sian election Malaysia’s GE13- A Tale of Two Manifestos. Two-thirds of the Cina polled are against the BN. There are decent majorities of Malays and Indians in favour of BN.

Either the Chinese are racists, or as is more likely, not enough goodies for the Chinese, or they are plain greedy (most likely?).

Update on 26 April: Evidence of racism ?

Thanks to you know who ))))

  1. CI

    Woah your satire very chim.

    Hmm what goodies for Chinese, no bumi discount, no bumi quota in Uni, no nothing, nada.

    Wow, great deal?!!!

  2. old mamak ruled by dividing races and importing BN voters for citizenship…….instead of the old fart in this island who is waiting to kick the bucket, mamak is still going strong insulting all races at one go……….

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