Does SAF really value those who serve NS?: TRE readers respond

In Public Administration on 29/04/2013 at 5:37 am

TRE republished this and Danny related his experiences both with the SAF and SCDF (who seems to be as dysfunctional as SAF) over his eligibility for a medal (Juz realised I never got one for reservist). The issue was resolved in his favour because he had all his records. I’d hate to have served with such an “on” guy.

Still when it came to vouchers he got short-changed by SCDF. He finally wrote to the PMO who must have shoved a few grenades up some asses. Justice was done. But he shouldn’t have had to complain to PM; given that his records were juz (OK 10 months ago) updated by SCDF and SAF.

I was given NS45 $80 voucher and that bcos I did not complete my NS till age 40.Problem is I did. They don’t have my record? Well, 10 months earlier when I wrote to Army (NS) Centre regarding my entitlement to medals but was old by an officer that I was not eligible for it. On probing further, they said that they had handed my records to SCDF when I was transfered there after my Army unit standown. Calling SCDF (NS) Centre, they claimed that I had only 1 ICT during my term in SCDF thus not entitled to any medals n that I should go back to the Army (NS) to claimed from them n that SCDF did not had my Army records. I was pushed around! On further call to Army (NS) n threaten to go public, the officer claimed that they don’t have my NS records. Bloody hell, they lost my NS records but conveniently lied to me that I was not eligible! Then mindef (NS) told me that unless I can shows or provides evidences n records of my reservist trg, I will not be able to claimed/entitled to any medals! Fucking shit! So I am guilty till I can proof I am innocent? Fart them!

Luckily I still had all my records after ROD for 28 years! KNNCCB,after submit in my records only they emailed me saying I am entitled to just 1 medal! This was bcos to Army (NS) n SCDF, I did not come my reservist up to aged 40! Farting shit! They only interested only the nos of years trg in their own formation and did not take into consideration my combined Reservist training in both SCDF n Army! This is nothing compare to what follows: After having proof and they claimed they had updated my record, the trouble came during the NS45 vouchers. I was given $80 voucher n again claimed I did not complete my full term. I called the Officer which handled my “medal entitlement case” n she promised she will look into it. Days & weeks passed,I wrote in saying that if they wouldn’t get back to me I will go to different avenue to appeal. Since SCDF under Home Affair n Army under Mindef and they seem don’t talk to each other , I have no choice but write to someone who is incharged of both these stupid ministries! I wrote to PM Lee HL and received an email saying that the matter will be look into by SCDF! Back to square one! Two weeks later, an SCDF Asst Director (NS) called to said that its an oversight and I will be given an extra $20 n a year Hometeam Club menbership!! I told him to I wanted it in black & white and also told him that I am more interested in those Reservist (nos in thousands)who had the same problem as me but were shortchanged! He claimed that they are looking into it and assured me that these people will be informed n their entitlement adjusted. My friend, same case as me, will swit n see (2 weeks time) if they will really adjust his entitlement. If not, I will call this AD and gave him a piece of my mind n go public. Anyone out there same case, pls leave amsg…thks.

Then there is this post that alleges that National Service Resort & Country Club allows FTs to join, crowding out those who serve from chalets and other goodies.


Does SAF value those who serve NS ?

Let get the answer from NSRCC. Read on and you will find the answer NO.

National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC) is a golf and country club set up to recognise the contributions of operationally ready NSmen to Total Defence. Its membership is open to NSmen who have performed national service, as well as full-time NSmen.

The first Committee to Recognise the Contributions of Operationally-Ready NSmen mooted the idea of setting up a premium but affordable golf resort for NSmen. The club was officially opened in March 1994 as SAFRA Resort & Country Club. It was later renamed National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC) to better reflect the composition of its membership that comprises NSmen from the Army, Navy, Air force, Civil Defence and the Police Force.

Now, it even open for Non-Citizen who did not serve national service.

Bungalow and it facilities is open for non-citizen booking. No wander member got difficulty in getting a unit.

I don’t understand why NSRCC need to open our club to Non-citizen.

The club is set up to recognise the contributions of operationally ready NSmen to Total Defence. Its membership is open to NSmen who have performed national service, as well as full-time NSmen and their family. This is spelled out clearly at the website.

Dear MG Ng Chee Meng, President of NSRCC, you owe all Singaporean an explanation.

A gentle reminder, you are only appointed to over see the club. This club does not belong to you. I believe the money used to setup and running of this club is from the tax payer.

You are also an army trained man, same as any NS men, your life long mission is to protect the country and Singaporean.

Please keep a place for Singaporean.

If the PAP wants to win back disaffected voters, it had better realise that because it has been in power since 1959, dumb or lazy bureaucratic actions gets blamed on it. Maybe it’s co -driver should remind it of this too. Otherwise S’poreans may prefer SDP: The Real Deal, Mad Dog and elites notwithstanding

  1. CI – PAP “had better realise that because it has been in power since 1959, dumb or lazy bureaucratic actions gets blamed on it.”

    The irony is many of these dumb and lazy bureaucrats are also PAP supporters.

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  3. Clear cut case that those that completed their NS and were transferred to SCDF to boost their startup number are now treated like nobody child. Instead of according them the best of both worlds, now they are given the worst of both worlds. About time they sort out this different ministry shits and treat everyone that has done their service the same. Merge SAFRA and HomeTeam clubhouse into ONE!

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