Two cheers for Azmoon Ahmad for publicising 1 May rally

In Humour on 30/04/2013 at 6:47 am

The chairman of AMP deserves the thanks of Gilbert Goh and friends, and all those who call for “Think S’porean First” for the publicity for the rally. By asking Nizam Ismail to “disassociate himself from the AMP” if he was planning to speak at the rally, according to this TRE report, he (Azmoon) ended up helping publicising the 1 May rally more widely.

When the local media reported him as “emotional and close to tears”, maybe he was feeling low because he knew he wasn’t long for the cushy job of AMP chairman. Surely the Sith Lord is upset that an Imperial Storm Trooper (Non Combat) saboed the Dark Side’s attempts to keep news out of the rally out of the pages of our constructive, nation-building media? And of having to explain why PAP MPs are more equal than others when it comes on serving on non- political organisations. And that the govt still practices the Hard Truth of withholding funding of those who fall out of line. [This last sentence added after first publication at 7pm]

As to Azmoon’s comments about “attacks”, err waz wrong with Nizam telling S’poreans why he resigned? In fact, if the local media carried the official spin of why he resigned before he went public (I’m not too sure which came first because the dates of the various articles have confused me), then he is more than justified to explain his position. Juz countering the spin.

Nizam is walking his talk of being transparent and open.

  1. I agree with you,God is great,Allahu Akbar,Two cheers for Azmoon Ahmad.

  2. “Two cheers for Azmoon Ahmad for publicising 1 May rally” – Now they are really going to lose funding… 😉

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