M’sia: Why God is not taking sides

In Malaysia on 05/05/2013 at 5:56 am

But first, what doesn’t get reported on internet or in S’pore media: the M’sian govt reported that a Pew Research Center poll showing that 82% of Malaysians were “satisfied with the way things are going in the country”, up from 76% in 2007. Pew is a respected US polling outfit.

Can’t stop laughing at this prayer going round internet asking M’sians to pray, “Dear God if you are there/ Is it too much to ask/For a leadership /With honesty, integrity and conviction /To create a brighter future”

Problem is that neither leader has honesty, integrity and conviction. One’s a product of the BN system. The other has betrayed his Muslim comrades in 1982 when he joined UMNO, the then UMNO Deputy president in the early 199os to take that post , and then Dr M in the late 1990s when he tried to be PM. After he was sacked, overnight he called for “Roformasi”.

If Nik, one of the Lims or Mrs Anwar were PK’s de facto leader, then there would be a leader with  honesty, integrity and conviction. But taz not the case.




  1. The most famous report by this respected?? US polling outfit is it claims that majority of China’s citizens are satisfied with CCP.I do suggest you read this report “24-Nation Pew Global Attitudes Survey” by PEW followed by a trip to China,you will surely know the standard of Pew which uses Ang Mo’s standard to judge RESERVED Asians.
    Mr Anwar will win today but I am prepared for some tense moments.

  2. This old dog of the East,our ex-master Ang Mo has a view worth listening to.

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