DPM Teo gives FT MP three tight slaps.

In Public Administration on 07/05/2013 at 6:22 am

The S’pore National Olympic Council (headed by DPM Teo) gave the ping-pong association and its president, FT MP Lee Bee Wah, three tight slaps by rejecting three of their selections for the coming Asian Youth Games. Only an RI boy made it because he met its criteria. Two of the rejects were Sports School students.

Lee Bee Wah’s association tried repeatedly to fix the selection process in favour of Sports School students despite SNOC’s repeated objections. It failed and ST reports that its CEO is bitching about SNOC’s decision. What did he expect? That its M’sian-born MP was more tua kee than SNOC’s administrators? The result is that the association and Ms Lee have lost a lot of face.

Well done DPM Teo and SNOC. Thanks for showing that meritocracy is not a dirty word here, unlike in M’sia.

Update: Juz read in ST that FT MP’s recently adopted dog has gone missing. Tak boleh tahan her? So decide better to risk being culled by roaming the streets?

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  2. Yes even a dog can’t stand the bitch.

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