Todds: When grief overwhelmed

In Public Administration on 24/05/2013 at 5:45 am

So the Todds’ have moved on out from the inquiry and are leaving S’pore, saying they no longer have confidence in the system.

Bet you once out of S’pore, they will bitch loudly about the hearing and withdraw Mrs Todd’s apology for calling the court system “corrupt”. I’m sure they will allege that Mr Todd was intimidated into apologising on her behalf.

Prior to their moving on, they suffered a few blows to their credibility.

Their expert, Edward Adelstein, 75, a deputy medical examiner in Missouri, contradicted Singapore police findings that Shane Todd killed himself, but admitted his conclusions were based on pictures of the body and circumstantial information.

“The cause of death of Dr. Todd was strangulation by a ligature around his neck,” Adelstein said in a written statement admitted as evidence Tuesday at the inquiry, adding that “I would rule his death a murder — a homicide.”

He said Todd was “a very dangerous person” to the two Asian companies (Institute of Microelectronics where he worked ana Huawei, the Chinese tech company that Washington politicians love to hate), and asserted without offering any evidence that “they had him killed” and well-trained “assassins” may have been involved*. Adelstein said Todd could have been disabled with a taser — an electronic device designed to stun — and killed with an arm lock before being hanged**. This explanation could take care of the inconvenient fact  the well-built 31-year-old’s body did not show evidence of a struggle.

Sounds like something from a Fu Manchu & the Yellow Peril movie, updated of course, to take account of the rise of Chinese economic power, with its plans to replace the US as hegemon.

Note that in an October 2012 report, Adelstein had said that Todd was killed by “garroting” but at the hearing the doctor said he was speculating at the time.

Before the above, there was the issue of the hard drive.

Now that they will no longer testify, it will not be possible for them to be asked if they allege that they found the hard drive, something that they told the Financial Times according to its story. The FBI’s evidence is that the hard drive is the same as the one the S’pore police handed over to the Todds, now we know in the presence of US embassy officials.

I wasn’t too surprised that the Todds moved on quickly out of the inquiry after these comments reported on Saturday: Tai Wei Shyong, the senior state counsel for Dr Todd’s inquiry, welcomed Mr Bonner to give evidence in this inquiry.

“If he (Bonner) wishes to give evidence, we would be happy to accommodate that and we would have to apply to the court to see if the court would be prepared to hear his evidence. The state would be happy to make the application because we want the full story about this case to be told.” CNA

Mr Bonner was one of writers of the Financial Times article and if the Todds were ever to deny that they said they found the drive, he could contradict them. I had heard runours that they were going to say when they were called to give evidence that they had not told the FT that they found the drive. Anyway, this convenient avoiding of giving evidence, may not work. District Judge Chay Yuen Fatt said that the statements taken from them would be used as evidence, so maybe we can still learn if they said anything in their statements about how they got the drive.

Whatever it is, it is very rare for this writer to agree 100% with a PAPpy minister (even if like me he loves dogs), but Shan is correct here in his comments on the Todds’ behaviour.

RIP Shane Todd and may the Todds reconcile themselves to the circumstances of his death even if they think he was murdered.


*Where to find such an Assassin?

1. Must be Stronger and Bigger than Shane to bring him down and hang him single handle-ly after bringing him down !

2. Must have great computer skill to hack into his computer.

3. Must have so much time to alter his browser history 19 times to show that he visited suicide sites?

4. Must be able to to complete all the above task in as short duration as possible so that nobody notice !

Is there such an Assassin ?

Is the Assassin so free and dumb to stay in the crime site to hack the ocmputer after killing him?

Wouldm’t it be easier to take the computer and hard disk away?

(TRE reader)

**Two certified forensic pathologists from the US who provided expert opinions have confirmed that Dr Shane Todd’s death was consistent with asphyxia due to hanging.

The two pathologists, Dr David Fowler and Dr Valerie Rao, took the stand in day eight of the coroner’s inquiry into the death of the American researcher.

They also dispelled theories by the Todd family’s expert witness Edward Adelstein that Dr Todd could have died because of a taser or a carotid armlock, which is a neck chokehold.

Dr Fowler said Dr Todd’s body had shown no signs of taser marks or vertical scratch marks up and down his neck – which would have indicated a struggle to remove the chokehold.

They also corroborated the evidence of two Singapore forensic pathologists that the discolouration on Dr Todd’s hands was due to a pooling of the blood in the limbs that occurs after death.

Both were also of the opinion that based on all information they had access to, they believed Dr Todd’s death to be a suicide. CNA

Doubtless, there will be TRE readers who will point out that they were paid by the S’pore govt. Doubtless these readers voted for Tan Kin Lian in 2011, and s/o JBJ at the Punggol East By-election.

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  2. They came wanting a verdict of murder. Did Adelstein even know Todd well? He already screwed up with his crazy conclusions. Frankly, looking at the family composition of the Todds, wonder if Shane did it because he did not want to come across as a failure to his parents.
    Good riddance to the Todds. Doubt if any politician will want to bother with the family of loonies.

  3. I believe they will go to the famous Thai pathologist, Dr Porntip for third opinion.
    Seems like it’s come down to Pathology war.

  4. Slightly fishy that they left precisely the day before they were scheduled to give evidence under oath and be subjected to cross-examination. It does not surprise me, given the multiple inconsistencies in their accounts to the press;

    – that they found the hard drive lying around in his apartment (when it was actually returned to them by the police along with some of his other personal effects after they had concluded that it was useless – a fact corroborated by the FBI and not challenged by the Todd’s counsel during the Inquest),

    – that Shane was a project leader of the GaN team (when actually he was the team’s most junior member with no prior experience with GaN – his education was in silicon – and had personally asked to be transferred to the team to gain experience and then found it difficult to cope),

    – that the police had given them an elaborate account of a pulley system with nuts and bolts in the wall (which they did not based on the officer’s account, corroborated by two of his colleagues/friends present at that meeting and is generally standard SOP not to give details until the investigation is completed),

    – that the Singapore authorities moved the body (which they dd not, they merely cut it down to check for vital signs and to see if it was possible to revive him – which is the protocol for the SCDF and most paramedics worldwide when dealing with hanging scenes)

    – and that they had told their own medical examiner (who is not a certified pathologist and has since retracted his main findings) that the photographs they took of the body and sent to him were taken immediately after his death when in fact it was taken almost a month later at his funeral in the US and therefore had significant deterioration and post-mortem lividity.

    I’m pretty sure State Counsel was getting ready to grill them on these. I guess now they’re free to continue pushing their fantasy conspiracy theories.

  5. Are the Todd’s bent on hating China and Singapore?

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