Why are there hawker centres in Singapore?

In Public Administration on 30/05/2013 at 6:11 pm

Singapore’s hawker centres started partly for hygiene reasons, and to keep our water pollution in control. Singapore’s street hawkers were polluting the water courses quite badly. We had a major problem with water pollution … The drains were all polluted, hawkers used basins to wash their soiled crockery, and you could see rats, cockroaches, and other animals running around.

This is part of an on-going and occasional series showcasing the gd the PAP govt has done since 1959, partly inspired by these non-political pages: On a little street in S’pore and If you grew up in S’pore

This occasional series is to remind S’poreans that the PAP govt has done gd. Its actions are not always bad. Neither are they always benevolent: something our constructive, nation-building media is always spinning.

The issue is: Does the gd outweigh the bad or the bad outweigh the gd. Bit like the debate in China on Mao.

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  2. There’s no question PAP has definitely done good for the first 30 years. But votes must be for the present and future, not based on what happened decades ago in 60s to 90s. This is the year 2013, not 1993.

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