Two cheers for today’s S’pore Blackout

In Uncategorized on 06/06/2013 at 8:52 am

Only two cheers because the MDA, ISD, police intelligence unit and local media are giving three cheers for the blackout, they don’t have to monitor the usual suspects. In fact, they are taking the day off and taking their kids for an outing. And ministers too are toasting the blackout: they don’t have to listen to the noise the MDA etc report. They can remove the ear plugs and listen to the sounds of nature.

It’s a gd day to be on the Dark Side.

Sadly for the Dark Side, it only lasts a day, not forever and a day. Normal levels of service (noise to them) will resume tomorrow.

Update at 9.54am: Barrie has got it dead right on the blackout:

Why I am not blacking out

Blacking out your own site because you are against the govt blacking you out is akin to inflicting self-injury because your adversary wants to cause you harm. You are playing into his plan. Isn’t the govt’s intention is to black out non-mainstream media in the first place?

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  2. How can blackout of ONE day be akin to inflicting self-injury and playing into government’s plan?

    The blackout symbolizes the netizens will no longer able to read “wrong news” by PAP standards in the future, if they do not come out strongly this Saturday at Hong Lim Park to protest against MDA’s new licensing rules.

    It let people aware that if PAP has its way, news site like TRE, TOC and some other social political blog will have to cease operating in the future, or turn to become like the local main stream media which educate their readers with the “right news” that make them stupid.

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