Vietnam: Blogger is “abusing democratic freedoms”

In Vietnam on 15/06/2013 at 2:47 pm

Police in Vietnam have arrested a prominent blogger for anti-state activities, reports say.

Pham Viet Dao, 61, was arrested in Hanoi on Thursday for “abusing democratic freedoms”, the Ministry of Public Security said.

Mr Dao ran a blog critical of government leaders and policies, and discussed sensitive issues like the territorial row with China.

His arrest comes after another blogger was detained in May on similar charges.

  1. Do calm yourself down lah charbor. In this case, the gentlemen was arrested by the police – which means he still has the elemental right to habeas corpus. In Singapore under the world’s most reppresive laws, all it takes is a bureaucrat to issue out a take down notice and if you do not comply with 24 hours….then you are toast.

    By the way, what happened to your, mine and everyone’s right to habeas corpus. Answer: Poof! It’s gone with the wind.

    Next time whoever the anonymous minister who was responsible for this shitty piece of legislation decides to give a closed door speech in the school of Rajaratnam. You should write in and try to ask, what happened to habeas corpus.

    Darkness 2013

    • Pls stop talking rubbish. First and last warning. Next piece of rubbish will be spammed.

      HC is a concept of English law. Vietnam was never a British colony. It was ruled by the French. The Napoleonic Code doesn’t have the concept.

      Pls stick to things you know, not to things you don’t know but you think you the expert like my identity, colonial history, the law and M’sia.

      Five more yrs of UMNO.

  2. Frankly speaking I do not see any progressive or civilized country emulating what the PAP has done. Stupidity, I suspect can even be repackaged as intelligent it seems by the PAP especially when the goal is to win on every turn and opportunity.

    Pity those brainics didn’t try to use this sort of shitty law to control the aedes mosquito population….instead they used it on humans, I am sure will do just as well in this social experiment that is fast turning into a social Chernobyl.

    Singapore wither lah….

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