Sifu slaps disciples for not caring

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WP chief Low Thia Khiang has struck a conciliatory note, calling on all the parties embroiled in the AHPETC hawker centre cleaning dispute to move on and saying that the hawkers “need peace to do business”.

Mr Low said the WP-run AHPETC will continue to work with NEA “to solve problems on the ground and to address the issues”.

“We should move on from the current issue,” he told the media at his Meet-The-People Session in Aljunied GRC last night (12 Jun).

“I would expect the town council to continue to work with NEA for environmental issues on the ground, be it market hygiene, cleanliness, be it littering, be it the dengue fever issue, be it midges at Bedok Reservoir issues,” said Mr Low. (TRE).

As I see it, Low’s words are a rebuke (tight slap?) to Auntie and her favourite Indian man*, contrary to what most TRE readers think, that he was rebuking VivianB. His words echo that of VivianB: that the “hardworking” hawkers deserve better treatment**.

Did Auntie and her man ever show such concern? From a usually anti-PAP publication:

The hawkers’ comments (despite an attempt by a TRE reporter to educate them on the right facts) are not surprising. Those fair-minded and reasonable S’poreans that read what Singh and his Auntie Sylvia have been saying would have been struck that their emphasis was on that the WP town council was not at fault, and that NEA’s actions were all political. There wasn’t much (actually nothing) from Auntie and her man (juz read his or her media statements) about the plight of the hawkers***. They hadn’t yet arranged for the cleaning at the time of Low’s remarks. (And I for one have been avoiding hawker centres in the areas where the WP town council governs. I’ve even checked the boundary maps to make sure I eat in PAP areas.)

To show WP supporters that I’m not biased against Auntie and her man, I was going to do a summary of my understanding of the facts. Fortunately, I was saved by I agree with the summary, and interpretation of what was said , and the nasty but reasonable dig at PritamS, the SMU trained lawyer burok, Pritam Singh should have all his teeth knocked in and for the good of the WP, banned from future press events. That man has never failed to confound and obfuscate instead of clarify. Hear Hear. Maybe sewing his lips is more effective?

He could have added that Auntie’s man scored an own-goal with his lawyer buruk argument that the WP town council only needed to do ceiling-cleaning once a year.

And that Auntie’s. “the letter evidently shows MP Faisal’s awareness that it was not the policy of AHPETC not to clean the high areas of the market during annual cleaning, nor to collect any additional charges from the hawkers; otherwise, MP Faisal would not have written to AHPETC to look into Mr Chan Kheng Heng’s claim”, is the kind of language that trained lawyers use when they want to confuse matters (I speak as a trained lawyer.)

And this is the dog that didn’t bark, The WP TC’s property manager was aware of everything going on – he was CC-ed in emails and forwarded quotations. How could it have escaped him that everyone was pulling in different directions and essentially working against each other? Insidious or sloppy?

Auntie and PritamS have never explained his silence, or allowed him to speak to the public.

While there is no denying that the PAP took advantage of the situation to make the WP look bad (starting with the ST article****,: remember it?, it was PritamS’s response to the article that escalated the matter into a typhoon in an espresso cup. A typhoon that ended only when Sifu Low slapped stepped in. If only he had spoken like his Sifu later did about the hawkers.

Low got a lot of stick for saying WP wasn’t ready to form a govt. But going by what Auntie, Pritam and GG have been doing, he is being realistic. BTW, it’s interesting that it’s these three disciples who are alleged to be trying to get the WP to be a more aggressive co-driver, something I plan to explore in the near future. Watch this space.


*No not defamatory as there were several other Indians working hard in Aljunied, all trying hard to be the WP Indian candidate. Singh got it ’cause Auntie mentored him. It has been alleged that he made it clear that if he wasn’t chosen to stand in Aljunied, he wouldn’t stand elsewhere and would cut the time he spent on WP activities.

**Not that for a moment, do I think he cares about anyone “hardworking”, given his sneers about the elderly poor, while throwing serious money at the Kiddie Games?

***With enemies like these, VivianB doesn’t need friends.

****Whoever got the story into ST must be due for a merit bonus.

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