The Real Petition Kings

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Remember when our constructive, nation-building ST carried stories about one Tan Kin Lian, calling him the Petition King? He was fighting the good fight for those he tot were “cheated” by the banks who sold investors Minibonds, and DBS HN5, Pinnacle and Jubilee Notes. He helped them salvage something, a great achievement given that the govt and the babks were shouting, “Buyer Beware”.*

Sadly, he then went into politics, and despite not getting the 100,000 signatures asking him to stand as president, the self-styled “People’s Voice” stood and lost his deposit. And deprived S’poreans of giving the PAP govt a tight slap. Its preferred candidate, thanks to him, won by a very, very short nose.

Well this is the real deal. These guys started a petition and a president was ousted:

The group, whose name means “rebel” in Arabic, claims it has collected more than 22 million signatures for a petition demanding Mr Morsi step down and allow fresh presidential elections to be held.

BTW, the Chinese have updated the tradition petition system that has been in existence for thousands of yrs.

Interestingly in S’pore even netizens use petitions  It is so old-fashioned: as the BBC article points out the Chinese petition system is a continuation of a practice from “imperial times when the emperors would listen to the complaints of common people”.

How S’poreans got shoved


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