PM, right policies, not right politics

In Political governance on 06/07/2013 at 11:14 am

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has said for economic growth to sustain, what’s important is getting the politics right … “It starts with politics because if your politics is wrong, then your economics is bound to go wrong. And the reason why so many countries cannot get the economies right is because if the politics don’t work, the benefits don’t get spread to the right people or broadly enough, or there are vested interests which have to be taken care of, or there’s some divide in the society which cannot be bridged, and you spend your time fighting over that, rather than working together productively. (CNA)

Funny that reading the various reports and the text of his speech, I can’t find his definition of “right”politics”, let alone what he means by “politics”.

As this letter to TRE points out, it’s the right policies that matter because “We’re not anti-Govt, just anti-Govt policies”. Of course the writer is exaggerating: there are some S’poreans, particularly in the new media and readers of TRE, who will always oppose any govt policy, “politicising” everything. Some of them are juz kay pohs, some frus that the PAP hasn’t recognised their talents, and some are opportunists.

But at least 35% of S’poreans (those who voted for Dr Tan Cheng Bock, self-included) are not “anti-govt”, juz opposed to some policies (like liberal immigration policies, allowing the children of “new citizens and PRs to avoid NS etc etc)  And I’m sure there are those among the 25% who voted for Tan Jee Say who don’t agree with Mad Dog Chee that the PAP is all bad and must be replaced. They juz didn’t like choosing one of two former PAP members*. (As a supporter of Dr Tan, I have to admit that he was part of Team PAP that got most major policies wrong in the 1990s, though I would argue that as MP he had little power, and anyway his heart has always been in the right place,unlike VivianB and Charles Chong.)

So PM, get the the policies “right” and more S’poreans (maybe 15% more) will vote for the PAP. Maybe even WP’s Low, though certainly not Auntie or her Singh.


*Yes, yes, I kinow that TKL was a PAP member.

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