Cambodian elections harbinger of S’porean GE?

In Indonesia on 03/08/2013 at 5:07 am

Cambodia’s opposition party says it narrowly won Sunday’s general election, challenging the ruling party’s earlier declaration of victory.

Hours after the poll, PM Hun Sen’s ruling party said it won 68 seats in parliament to the opposition’s 55. Previously, the ruling party dominated had two-thirds majority.

What should interest S’poreans is

Hun Sen, one of the world’s longest-serving prime ministers, has been in power in Cambodia for 28 years.

Many here credit him with having steered the nation out of a civil war and raising living standards for the population of 14 million.

Under him, Cambodia has seen strong economic growth, thanks to a combination of foreign aid, development, tourism and garment exports.

All very PAP-like achievements.

–the Opposition there finally united by combining forces;

“I think Mr Rainsy and his party have a very simple message,” said Mr Cox. “It is striking a chord with people. Do you like the way things are or do you want change?

— ‘Many Cambodians are screaming for change.” … that certainly appears to be the sentiment among many of the urban youth in Phnom Penh.

I sat down with a group of young men and women in a cafe in the city, and many expressed a desire for greater political participation in their country.

“I acknowledge that the current government has made huge improvements and strides in this country since the days of the war,” says 32-year-old Chulsa Heng.

“But we want more. I still think Cambodia has a long way to go, and it’s still not enough.”

First-time voter Ngoun Somaly said that regardless of who she ended up choosing on polling day, there were many issues that the current government was not paying enough attention to.

“Human rights violations, land grabbing from rural peasants and a lack of job opportunities for Cambodia’s graduates – we need to see more firm action on that,” she said.

“Whoever wins the election must work hard to fix these problems. I really want to see these human rights issues solved.”

— And “There is also no longer that cloak of fear, the way it used to be in the past. People aren’t afraid to be out on the streets and true to themselves.”

BTW, the media there is tightly controlled. And the govt regularly sues opponents, winning damages.

So no wonder PM is working hard on his National Day Rally speech. All to play for in next GE.

Lest I be accused of being anti-PAP

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  1. “Lest I be accused of being anti-PAP”

    LHL is not that dumb.

    He can quietly learn from Hun Sen how not to lose a General Election in spite of having lost his popularity.

    • Not him leh. Got a PAP wannabe IB troll that vists my site making dumb comments that I spam. Guy doesn’t even know his P from O.

    • Actually no need to learn ’cause PAP always campaign hard. Rumoured that in 2011 LKY was ordered not to campaign. And it was alleged that he wasn’t happy to be told to sit down and shut up, lest he annoyed more voters. Hun Sen didn’t bother to campaign

  2. It should be very interesting to see whether an inexperienced opposition can run the country. if they do well, it might give sporeans courage to vote for other parties here. however, dunno how much Cambodian news will feature in the MSM, so one can get an idea of how the opposition fare.

    not sure if the PAP should be voted out though. they dun deserve to be let off so lightly. they should get Just enuff votes so they are stuck with governing — and cleaning up the mess they have created.

    at the same time, there are enuff other voices to harry them into behaving and to turn down their bad suggestions.

    it’s unfortunate that voters in other countries all have the guts to vote for change, and sporeans don’t.

  3. Did u ever ask yourself whether the U.S played a role in these democracy movements in ASEAN and SEAsia region? The Yankees have to curb the unstoppable growing Chinese influence in our region.

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