BBC on EPL signings to watch etc

In Footie on 17/08/2013 at 4:47 am

Which summer signing will make the biggest impact in the Premier League this season? Who will be a top-flight turkey?

The recruitment campaign is well under way with already more than £100m spent by English football’s elite – most of it on players from outside the United Kingdom.

There are still two weeks remaining before the transfer window closes, but, with the help of our European football analysts, we look at some of those who have arrived early and will be seeking to establish themselves in football’s richest league.

The economics of being a city with an EPL team

After Swansea’s success in reaching the Premier League Cardiff University research claimed the club’s first season alone was worth £58m to the economy.

The Swans being in the top flight also created or protected around 400 jobs, according to the report.

…two students from different African countries who said they had chosen Swansea as a university because the city had a Premier League club.

…One of the biggest beneficiaries of the club’s promotion in 2011 into the Premier League has been the service industry – hotels, restaurants and bars.

The Economist “moneyballs” the English Premier League

Try “moneyballing” your own team by selecting a squad with similar attributes to those of Manchester United, at a fraction of the cost.

And don’t think badly of Rooney’s behaviour. What it shows is that his loyalty lies with Everton. After he moved to MU, an Everton fan told me that after any MU match, he would check how Everton did or was doing, if it had a match. He had to move on from Everton to improve his skills, earn more $ and win trophies. But his heart is always with Everton. A true blue fan.


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