Oppressed to Oppressor: Pastor Khong describes Christianity’s evolution, not the gays’ agenda

In Humour on 18/09/2013 at 5:17 am

I was chuckling over an old favourite, “Terry Jones’ Barbarians: An Alternative Roman History”came across on FB a few weeks ago.  After some searching, I found the piece.

TOC reported on FB: Pastor Lawrence Khong, on why he disagrees with repealing s377A:

“They first ask for tolerance. Tolerance means: Don’t bully me, don’t make me a criminal. The minute you take that away, they will ask for acceptance, in the form of gay marriage. And then, before long, they will go for celebration of the lifestyle. I’m talking about the gay pride days all around the world. Then the next thing you know, they will persecute those who disagree with them, by labeling those disagreements as hate speech. We have seen that path. Singapore does not need to go that way. I do not believe this is good for any society. And I will stand firm because I love my nation very much.”

Edward Gibbon and many other reputable historians (Christians among them), and Terry Jones (film director, comic and writer with a deep knowledge of medieval European history) would agree that this as a pretty accurate description of how a form of Christianity became the dominant, intolerant religion of a declining Roman empire.

Christianity was one of the many religions in the early days of the Roman empire. However, aggressive, loud-mouth, intolerant leaders gave the religion a bad name because of the perceived intolerance of Christians towards other religions and a hedonistic life-style (that included acceptance of gays group sex, chariot racing and other equestrian sports, single mums, and heavy drinking). Roman emperors (good and bad) fed them to the lions, crucified them, or, more usually, threw them into prison for breaking the law. Christians had a reputation of rioting and smashing the idols of other religions. Juz read the Roman historians of the time: gd conservative, sober men, not into anal sex or homosexuality or other aspects of a hedonistic life-style. Some of these historians were the presiding magistrates who threw Christians into jail for intolerant and aggressive behaviour.

The moderate Christians (not wanting to die for the actions of these zealots) asked for tolerance. Tolerance means: Don’t bully me, don’t make me a criminal.

It worked as Christians were increasingly seen as respectable, if looney, folks. It appealed to the wives of the Roman elite because Christianity discouraged anal sex (in fact all sex except to produce new souls), marital infidelity, heavy partying and throwing money on pursuits like equestrian sports. It believed in the frugal life, a throw-back to the empire-builders. Keeping the zealots under control also helped because the complaints from devotees of other religions ceased: their temples were no longer being attacked by the zealots.

Then, Christianity was credited for Constantine becoming emperor: God apparently told him that if his soldiers carried Christian signs on their shields and standards, they would defeat his enemies. He made Christianity the official religion of the empire, but practiced the usual Roman tolerance towards all religions that didn’t try to subvert the empire.

Then the intolerant, aggressive Christian leaders appeared again out of the woodwork, and Then the next thing you know, they … persecute those who disagree with them, by labeling those disagreements as hate speech. The laws against blasphemy were the Roman equivalent of the laws against hate speech.

This happened when a form of Christianity, Catholicism, became the official religion of the by then declining Roman empire. Other Christian groups like the Arians, and all other religions were persecuted by the Catholic Church.

So Khong is right when he said We have seen that path.

Christianity did it first. So if the gays do it to the likes of Khong, it’s divine retribution neh?

For the record, while Khong has the courage to rant about 377A* (where he is on the same side as the govt), he is as silent as a church mouse on abortion and Islam. In the US, people like him oppose gay tolerance, abortion, and Islam publicly and loudly. He only opposes the one issue that will not him get into trouble with the govt. Wonder why? Maybe he supports abortion and believes in being nice to Muslims, unlike his brethren in the US?

Or is he juz cowardly and hypocritical, only opposing something he knows the govt opposes?

Interestingly, after a lot of wayang, his church wimped out in a row with the govt.–7-000-compensation-for-dismissed-pregnant-staff-who-had-affair-162329331.html

The church is also no stronger to exaggeration or sliming



*For the record, I support the govt’s stance on 377A, as a decent attempt to do the right thing by two opposing views.

  1. Thank you.Almighty god Hidden-Advent in China
    551. “Guarding Against False Christs” Exposed My Neglect of Duty

    “My entire management plan, that is, my six-thousand-year management plan, includes three stages, that is, three ages: the Age of the Law in the beginning, the Age of the Grace (that is, the Age of the Redemption), and the Age of the Kingdom at the end time.

    • A load of rubbbish.

      • Tell me which reputable historians argue that Christianity didn’t oppress the other religions when it became the state religion of the Roman empire? Or that the Catholic church didn’t persecute the Arians as heretics. all in the history books.

  2. […] – Thoughts of a Cynical Investor: Oppressed to Oppressor: Pastor Khong describes Christianity’s evolution, not the gays’ agenda […]

  3. According to certain theory (see video below), intrinsic human sexuality is gender blind or gender agnostic. The notions of heterosexuality and homosexuality were social constructs of the Victorian age. According to certain medical opinions (asserted in the video), people who are strictly inclined one way or the other are considered perverts.

  4. He who is the victor writes the history, my friend.

  5. It is better he made is living through magic, oh I mean magic performances. Magicians don’t talk!

  6. That means the written history is necessarily untrue.

  7. Apparently you didn’t watch the show performed in FCBC “The One Thing” which was to discourage abortion. Kept silent as a church mouse….Him Pastor Khong??…..

    Now,if you want to complain about hypocrites, bullies and oppressors then I have to tell you that they are everywhere, Christian and non-Christian alike. The recorded history of them is endless.

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