Shld the govt get the credit for fixing the problems that Hard Truths caused? Discuss

In Political governance on 20/09/2013 at 5:31 am

Recently George Osborne (UK’s finance minister) was trumpeting the UK’s economy ecovery, saying it was because of govt measures.

David Blanchflower – a former member of the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee – and a long-time critic of the chancellor told the Mirror that Mr Osborne is “the guy who crashed your car – and then wants you to thank him for having the wreck towed home”.

One could similarly reasonably argue that PM’s promise to meet our concerns (housing, healthcare and public transport will remain affordable, and on education) is like that: “Crashed the cars, trains and buses we were on – and then wants us to thank him for pulling us out of the wreckage using our own money, by voting for the PAP”.

After all S’poreans concerns that housing, healthcare and public transport will remain affordable, and on education are the result of govt policies

As one person on TRE put it: 

The damages are all too embedded and beyond corrections.
How to bring down prices of COEs and Housing drastically.
How to eject the huge influx of FT arrivals over the years.

Unimaginable consequences are set in motion to erupt like
a volcano in the day of reckoning.
What if….in the event of a meltdown, severe drought, heavy
flooding and etc..etc – total Chaos

If the policies and road maps are not substaintable, we simply
self-destruct should catastrophes strike. Don’t think so ??

Of course, I’m being unfair. After all ang mohs tell us the gd side of the S’pore way, PAP style

— overall:

— healthcare:

And even I have said that many of the shortcomings that we face are problems that arise from the success of the past that many have contributed too, including the PAP. No not linking as I doubt many would click it: it’s against the netizens’ conventional narrative that the “PAP got everything wrong”.

The govt has to bear its share of the problems, not juz bask in ang moh’s praise of LKY (which in this case, I largely concur with) Where I disagree is that LKY is pragmatic: he once was, but since the 1990s, he has been fixated with his Hatd Truths, which he believes are eternal truths. They are not, and the younger LKY would have recognised that instead of being fixated with them.

Have a gd weekend.

  1. I am really tired of people saying that LKY is pragmatic.Fixing the opposition and making it well nigh impossilbe for a credible opposition to arise to enable him “to play for keeps” is pragmatic too. A person with high ideals (even though ‘mistaken’) is usually dubbed not pragmatic or even silly.In the orgy of media hoopla celebrating his 90th birthday the ST carried the headline ” He lived by his convictions”. You ask – what were those convictions he lived by? That the PAP is Singapore and Singapore is PAP? Locking up political opponents? Are his convictions good or desirable for Singapore? We have certainly lived by HIS convictions. The hard truth is that he the ultimate Machievellian, not a pragmatist as generally understood

  2. Thank you for this,CCP scored late Chairman Mao -dictator/mass murderer/founding father at 30% bad,70% good,my score as a citizen of Spore for our founding father is 51% vs 49%,compared to my score for his(LKY) hero -late Chairman Deng ,as well as mine when I was 15 years old,is 50/50.This is just my humble opinion as a highly motivated political watcher.
    Why I only give our founding father 51% good,probably in the minority,the reason is that MM LKY did a fairly good job,my complaint is that he did not live up to the expectation,Singapore could have achieve much higher,given our many advantages,an intelligent/hard working population,multi-racial,multi -religious,etc,it is my belief that we could have beaten Uncle Sam who I admire.
    We did not go there,in my opinion due to MM Lee’s selfishness,we did not achieve “only the best will do”.
    MM Lee is meeting his creator soon,so there is no need for me to judge him,just my tot.

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  4. Atangst, me a real Pappy.? Looks like language deficiency is not your only problem. Losing the argument? A pragmatist’s pragmatist never gets caught by his balls. Look at LKY’

    • Woh really getting personal. Next time you get personal, into the spam bin you go.

    • Tot you said he not pragmatist: now he is pragmatist’s pragmatist, not Machiavellian. Remember you started off calling him Machiavellian, not pragmatist. I pointed out you didn’t have a clue that you talking rot. Pls read what you wrote. Wow now you getting very personal. Next personal comment and you go into spam bin.

      Seems you don’t know yr LKY history too or as PAPpy you bot into his Kool-Aid on M’sia. He got it dead wrong that he could change the M’sian political landscape. PAP lost a by-election against MCA. And he did get S’pore kicked out of M’sia. He admits he was shocked that it did happen.

      Pls do yr reading before coming here again. And don’t contradict yrself and try to throw smoke by getting personal.

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