BBC says cleaners can afford maids

In Economy, Humour on 22/10/2013 at 1:57 pm

Even our nation-building, constructive media’s journalists or editors don’t talk such rubbish.

“But the forced saving scheme and social housing mean that even cleaners live in reasonable housing and employ their own foreign live-in maid,” writes a BBC economics journalist, admittedly relatively newish and whose blog postings have been criticised. (

She based this comment on Office cleaner Liew Siew Giok [who] works all day on her feet but goes home to a meal cooked by her Burmese maid. She lives with her extended family, who pay for the domestic help and her flat.

Her secret? She lives with her extended family, who pay for the domestic help and her flat. (

So S’poreans, this BBC reporter is saying life is gd. Stop bitching. Come next GE, vote PAP!

  1. Well,Linda is probably smarter than that high IQ PAP minister who met a very happy old worker who said that he loved to work and enjoy it even he was 75 or 80 years old – something like that.
    Good luck to PAP if it prefers to listen to lucky and happy people only, which seems to be the unfortunate conclusion of that clever PAP minister.It is great that a BBC journalist has a good impression of PAP.

  2. Read several comments from Linda’s article. It seems the Brits are very envious of Singapore success questioning their own local policies. I really don’t blame them because, Linda have not disclosed the other side of the coin. Another PAP’s mentality; boosting on its success but not its weakness and failures.

  3. Rubbish was provided by Singapore government.

    Singapore’s Department of Statistics points out in the same cited report (footnote, page 6) that “19% of resident employed households in the lowest 10% [decile] owned a car or employed a maid.”

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