Open letter to HSBC S’pore on Anton Casey

In Banks on 22/01/2014 at 6:58 am

(Update on 23 January 2014: TOC has confirmed that his present employer is Crossinvest*: Mr Casey’s firm Crossinvest Asia is investigating his comments and is set to take “appropriate action” once the review is completed, British newspaper, The Independent reported.

In a statement, Managing director Christophe Audergon said: “Crossinvest does not condone the comments. We believe they were made in poor taste.”

I’m very certain, he will be moving on from Crossinvest given that: The Company was created out of a Swiss single family office with almost three decades of leading experience and presence in Switzerland. We operate based on the finest Swiss Private banking traditions. 

Well among the finest Swiss Private banking traditions are

— discretion; and.

— operating in the shadows, leaving no fingerprints behind.

Don’t see Casey meeting these standards.

As to my thinking he worked at HSBC, it was an honest mistake.)

Dear Sirs,

I am a long-time shareholder (since 1984) and a client (since 1981), and am someone who has had friends working there: locals and international officers, and am writing this letter more in sorrow than anger.

I hope HSBC does the right thing by S’poreans especially its local customers, and moves on the FT (where T stands for Trash not Talent) by the name of Anton Casey out of the bank. His so-called attempt at humour does not reflect well on the bank because he is holding a senior position in wealth management.

One would be reasonable in wondering of the quality and discretion of HSBC’s management when such a senior executive exercises such an appalling lack of judgement and sensitivity.  Especially since HSBC prides itself on being the “global local bank”.

His behaviour also insults the international officers. I knew and worked with a few of them in the early 1980s on various projects. They were all minor public school boys who would never ever stoop to such insulting behaviour which they would have rightly called ‘hooliganish” and “racist”.

HSBC has always had a tradition of good customer service: it even built larger-than-usual cashier windows in Mexican branches to get more notes through, making it easier for the drug barons to deposit cash.

So in the spirit of serving the customer and being the “global local bank”, move him out of the bank. His apology should not excuse his most unbecoming behaviour.

Yours faithfully,

CI aka E.K. Tan

  1. Wish there is a public petition like Time is ripe to take some action and not just a ‘sorry lah’

  2. If you must be a puritan, you should at least get your fact straight. The man doesn’t even work for HSBC any longer.

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  4. Forget it. He’s probably working for people who would sell their souls along with their parents’ for money. Why would they mind having an asshole manage their investments as long as they make money?

  5. why should he be removed? singapore is an outpost for the whites. He is most welcome here to do as he likes, including insulting the locals. Even LKY got knighted for his contribution to the British interests. So, Anton keep your thing going, but be prepared to get sacked.

    • I hope you realise that these “wealth mgrs” are no more than marketing and sales people. Their job is to get the dough, mgt is done separately. T^his kind of bad publicity is murder to the reputations of the salespeople.

  6. Wow. Get your facts right. Anton Casey has been with CrossInvest for a long time. Wonder if any of your posts have a basis in reality. Such sloppy investigation.

    • Juz go thru my posts and see how many times I’ve been corrected. Not many, so don’t get personal. I’m still waiting for confirmation from a non-anon source that he is in Crossinvest. Besides, he may not be there anymore. Crossinvest claims to offer a discrete service: can’t say he he is discrete.

  7. Someone should create a wikipedia page about Anton so that people would know who he is when they google.

    What Anton Casey has said about Singaporeans is offensive and totally unacceptable. These types of expats should be rejected by Singaporeans. If these expats do not behave themselves here, then they can return to their own country.

    From my experience, a lot of expats here do not possess any particularly special skills. Their skills are quite generic. They would not be able to compete in their own countries and enjoy the same lifestyle they have here. They enjoy lots of economic and social privileges mainly because of their “assumed superiority”. These are just ordinary joes taking advantage of opportunities here that they cannot attain in their own countries.

    Singaporeans must make it loud and clear that people like Anton Casey are not welcome here if they do not know how to behave themselves.

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