Anton Casey frus that he poor expat FT?

In Humour on 29/01/2014 at 4:30 am

Here I gave several reasons that maybe he wasn’t that rich

— travelling econony-class despite being fearful of threats to himself and his family*;

— using small law firm; and

— not offering to donate serious money to show his repentance (in fact no money at all).

Here are a few more reasons to doubt he has money, serious money

— How come he doesn’t have a driver and another car?  If he had, his driver could have driven his Porsche to the service centre; or picked him up after he drove his Porsche to the service centre? To be fair maybe Bernice was using said car and driver.

— How come he doesn’t have another car? Bernice could have picked him up to spare him the indignity of using the MRT before going shop as any Tai Tai would. Maybe she was busy?

— But then why didn’t he take a taxi after leaving his car at the service station?

— My friends in the PR industry tell me that the PR that sent out his first apology is a very small firm. So why did he use a small firm, and not one of the big name PR firms? Incidentally, the same friends have also slimed the first apology saying that he should have offered to do community service in it. It was also so badly drafted that even that our pet-loving minister said “He has attempted to apologise to Singaporeans. But some feel that the manner of his apology showed a lack of sincerity. And I think there is some basis for thinking that.”

But I’ll give the PR firm the benefit of the doubt because having worked in PR for a yr for my sins, I know that clients are often unwilling to listen to the advice they are given.

— Why Perth? Surely, there are more exotic locations than Perth he can go to or where he has property?

Curiouser and curiouser.

So maybe his outburst of sneering at “poor” SMRT-taking S’poreans was because he was frus that he wasn’t able to keep Bernice Wong in the style she was accustomed to and expected to live in, as a ex-beauty queen? Porsche and Sentosa Cove not posh enough for her**?

After all: £1m – £2m ($1.53 million – $3 million) The comfortable poor
£3m – £4m The comfortably off
£5m – £4m The comfortably wealthy
£16m – £39m The lesser rich
£40m – £74m The comfortably rich
£75m – £99m The rich
£100m – £199m The seriously rich
£200m – £399m The truly rich
£400m – £999m The filthy rich
Over £1bn The super rich

(From a TRS comment)

BTW, after the hols, I’ll write why PAPpies and kind-hearted S’poreans (not all ang moh or FTs tua kees) are wrong in saying that we should forgive and forget? Does one ask a hurricane to forgive and forget those who build houses in its path?

*Or maybe he lying about receiving threats and being afraid? We only have his word that he received threats.

**OK, OK, I’m so unfair to her. She stood by her man to the extent of travelling economy-class with him.

  1. PAPpies are saying forgive and forget cos he’s the right FT that can create jobs for Sinkies and are rueful that those jobs are now taken to Perth.

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  3. There’s a rumor going around that the ‘death threats’ he received were perpetrated by someone from the PR agency that issued his non-‘apology’ to make him look like the ‘victim’.

  4. I bet my money that the porsche he drives is given to him by CrossInvest. He can decide to take over the lease if he so wish since they have parted ways. Why doesn’t he call or book a taxi, is beyond us. Maybe like what you said, he is just a paper rich foreigner who looks and feel rich because they are on an ‘expat’ package to work here. Once the job is gone, the ‘wealth is gone’. Did anyone check if his posh apt in Sentosa is rented or bought?
    Anyway, we don’t know yet if CrossInvest was sending him to Perth to set up another new branch/office, do we? They may part ways here in SG, but he can still be working in different geo-location.

  5. Have to ask the PAP; when are they going to forgive Tang Liang Hong, Francis Seow etc?

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