HK, S’pore, Bangkok, KL: What neither MSM nor new media tell us

In Casinos, Economy, Malaysia on 31/01/2014 at 4:20 am

But first Happy Neigh Yr .

S’pore had the second highest number of int’l tourists after HK in 2012. Distant third is Bangkok. KL is 6th. All benefit from Chinese tourists.

PAP govt must be doing shumething right, TRE , TOC readers? The casinos perhaps, Tan Jee Say?

  1. Best wishes to you & and all at home.
    Thank you for writing & sharing
    May the horse bring strength & freedom in all you do

  2. 恭喜發財,新年快乐,马年进步,thank you for writing.
    According to government,International Visitor Arrivals was 14.4228 million in 2012,I guess the 21 million figure was inclusive of transit passengers.

    Click to access sif2013.pdf

  3. Well Charbor, it all depends on how they define a tourist. If they are referring to Filipinos who regularly visit Singapore on a social visit pass to search for jobs and attend interviews, lion dancers who regularly feature during CNY etc etc etc. Then I guess u r right old girl.

    Darkness 2014

    • Hey cock, why you think I chabor. TRE tells its readers I batang. You know better than my friend Richard wan who has met me? If you can’t get my sex right, what can you get right?

  4. Our Creator Amitabha also known as God Allah says

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