What does S’pore have in common with US, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Philippines,?

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The only countries that have laws against jaywalking is the answer.

This BBC Online article on jaywalking in the US reminded me that when I went to study in London, I waz surprised that I could jaywalk. I had tot that jaywalking was a British inheritance and the absence of penalties in M’sia was ’cause it was M’sia leh where laws are never enforced. Article says: “Even in Singapore, where repeated jaywalking offences can lead to a $1,000 fine or a six month jail term, rules are routinely flouted.”. Glad to read that the usual suspects who compare us to the sheep of Animal Farm are wrong: some of the time perhaps?

In the US, [C]ar lobby groups also started taking over school safety education, stressing that “streets are for cars and children need to stay out of them”. Anti-jaywalking laws were adopted in many cities in the late 1920s, and became the norm by the 1930s.


*Juz before going to London, I had been caught jaywalking at Hill St by a Vigilante Corps officer.  No action was taken against me because I told his superior that the light had already turned red, stopping traffic, when I crossed the street. Was I expected to walk to the crossing, then wait for the light to turn red again?  It was a one-way street and there was no traffic because of the red light. He saw my point.


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