Gilbert Goh is this true?

In Economy, Public Administration on 27/02/2014 at 6:02 am

Singapore Business Federation chief operating officer Victor Tay said: Measures taken to tighten the inflow of foreign PMETs “are already quite comprehensive and align with the American and European standards” and he doubts the government will go further. (Monday’s BT).

Can GG tell us if Victor Tay is telling the truth? And if he (GG) is satisfied?

If he isn’t satisfied, pls tell us why. If he is, no need to organise demonstrations that no-one attends. Juz tell local PMETs to vote PAP in next GE. They listen.

Err pigs will fly first or GG becomes attractive to S’pore wimmin. LOL.

  1. So called ‘leaders’ always refer to ‘standards’ as and when it suits them.

    Famous ” world class” standards has been used so many times by incumbents.. I always wondered what “world class” standards actually meant.
    But when it comes to issues such as riot control training for police, “world class” becomes hazy, or “we align our training needs to the local context..” blah, blah.

    Same goes for news reporting, what standards do they follow?… world class?

    • Which is why those with knowledge of these things got to say something. GG can’t keep on juz calling for reduction. They got to set targets, otherwise they will lose the public.

  2. Conflict of interest lah. It’s like expecting a barber to tell you your hair is fine, no need to spend money to trim. Or private specialist to tell you not to waste money on expensive tests & procedures that only provides negligible benefits over standard tests.

    If s’pore has same work visa standards as US or Europe, my ahneh and cheena brothers will have long ago bypass s’pore in the first place and go straight to those countries and collect 2-3X salary for doing less work.

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