Who let the dogs in? And let them become PRs?

In Public Administration on 05/03/2014 at 4:24 am

The recent public row over the dogs at Pasir Ris Camp (well described in this TRE article has been well analysed (example

But what were the dogs were doing in the camp in the first place? When I read the initial reports, I wondered< “If dogs can barrow in under the fence, so can terrorists. Grave breach of security. Worse than SMRT breaches. Why S’poreans not complaining?”. It then transpired that even though Mindef called them “strays”, these dogs were the camp’s PRs (albeit true blue S’poreans, not FTs like PAP MP Lee Bee Wah): Mindef’s silence on the allegation that the dogs were PRs confirms the truth of the allegation, methinks.

So, once upon a time, someone in authority, allowed the dogs in, and camp commandants allowed them to remain as PRs even if this was against military regulations, as I understand them. (Mindef owns them and should be fined for not buying licences?)

Their PR status then explains why the camp commandant (I assume this is the LTC that kanna counseled even though he didn’t abuse the dogs) didn’t call in the AVA to remove the dogs when they started biting people. (BTW, as a dog-owner for 50 yrs, I can assure readers that dogs can sometimes bite people without being aggressive: fear is the trigger)

He didn’t dare ’cause the dogs were there against regulations. He’d have a lot of explaining to do to his superiors and his rice bowl would be in jeopardy. Hence his actions against the dogs and the servicemen who were unhappy with his actions and those of the WO. He was solving the problem the way SMRT was run: fault of true-blue S’poreans.

All to no avail as Mindef is facing the most serious allegation of all, something that goes right to the heart of any society’s compact with its military. As netizens have asked:Where is MINDEF’s values of decency, integrity and honour?

Evidently they’ve gone AWOL or MIA, given Mindef’s continued silence on the allegation that an investigator had promised that the whistle-blower would at most be reprimanded.

Silence can only mean, “What can we say without digging a bigger hole for ourselves?”

Hopefully a PAP MP or Lina Chiam will raise the issue. The co-driver is busy explaining to the Auditor-General how all the problems with the town council accounts (bar one) is the fault of BG Yeo’s team.

Finally, this is my Facebook avatar’s advice to Mindef:

Hey Mindef you are taking on the dog lovers’ community. They have their own minister. He has shown that he is a lot more effective than ministers responsible for Eurasians, Malays and Indians. Be afraid , very afraid. Cannot bully. They not NSmen. They are the DOG Lovers. They got ang moh FT scalp as trophy of their power. Be afraid, very afraid Mindef. Sacrifice the LTC and WO to appease the dog lovers and their minister. Not worth the trouble.

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  1. It seems that Ms Cathy is just an average Ang Mo who believes “that here in Singapore, no one is above the law.”,no different from more than 50% of Singapore citizens who believe strongly in the same thing.I note that Ms Strong claimed “utmost regret now.”
    The lesson is not to trust politicians,where ever they are from,only a system of checks and balances will do the job.

  2. Where the electorate failed, animals may be the catalyst to bring change… ironic if it does!

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  4. Dogs can be divided into strays and purebred. Strays are just like the lower mortals – kicked around, strung up or whatever. The pure breeds get a slap on the wrist like Woofles or silly interpretations like “inside polling station is not with 200 metres” for the whitest of the pure.

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