Litter-bugs honour Earth Hour

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No, I’m not trying to imitate New Nation. BTW, I don’t find NN funny. It tries too hard and is too obvious

Anyway, back to the hypocrisy of those who say that we should care more for the environment. I read the following Facebook comment (with accompanying photos) “Earth Hour in Singapore: first the glitter, then the litter; after the flash, leave the trash.”

Cherian George posted the above comment accompanied by  photographs of litter that would not look out of place on Sunday morning at the barbeque areas along East Coast Park.

An uppity, irony-challenged organiser grumbled “Cherian, you make it sound as if the Earth Hour movement and WWF left the trash back. Ever managed a crowd of 9000?”

Wonderful reply, “Oh dear, … I think everyone else understood perfectly that my post was a comment on the crowd’s anti-social behaviour, and not a criticism of the organisers. Putting your spokesman role aside, don’t you find it tragically ironic that people can come for an event whose sole purpose is to show we care for the environment – and then leave it to others to clean up their mess?”

Three points I’d like to add

First is the police should make it a condition before granting permission for future “environment-themed events that the organisers clean up after the event. I’m sure the kay pohs like Maruah will say that this is a cunning way to impose additional costs on social activists. Hey, if environmental lovers can’t clean up after their event, they should be forced to do so. Cleanliness via coercion is the S’pore way.

Next, if the supporters of environmental causes are juz as bad as ordinary S’poreans, surely the govt has a point when it insists that S’poreans cannot be trusted to do the right thing without coercion: that civic consciousness needs the spur and whip of anti-social draconian laws.

Finally, if the Filipino organisers of the annual Filipino independence day celebrations at Hong Lim Park can arrange for the cleaning of the place, after the event, why couldn’t the orgaisers of Earth Day?

My serious point is that activists must not be hypocrites, less they damage their cause. Especially when the cause is to remind us of the damage that we are doing to the environment

  1. The needle pricks; instant blood.

  2. Hear! Hear!…well said, Cynical Investor!

  3. […] I agree with ST. Last yr I wrote “Pinoys been doing it legally for yrs, so why the rants now?” and I reproduce it below. BTW, the Filipinos cleaned up the park after their event, unlike our environmentalists who talk the talk of honouring the environment but who are no better than litter-bugs […]

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