Iskandar: First gd news in 2014

In Malaysia on 12/04/2014 at 5:08 am

Last yr M’sia and Johor shot themselves and investors by imposing levies, restriction on property buyers in Iskandar.

This blog has been always sceptical about the rhetoric of govt co-operation on Iskandar. If both govts can work in training in skilled workforce, Iskandar will be a success. But they still on talking about co-operation.. But taz something.

Singapore has offered to help train a skilled workforce to meet the growing need for workers as the Iskandar Malaysia project takes off.

“As Iskandar thrives, we can expect also to need more people to be trained for the jobs to be created – and so I also talked about vocational training and Singapore helping Malaysia to upgrade its vocational training for workers who can work in Iskandar,” Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong told reporters yesterday after his annual “retreat” meeting with his Malaysian counterpart Najib Razak.

In a joint statement, both leaders acknowledged the importance of a skilled labour force in boosting socio-economic development. They welcomed the ongoing talks between the various agencies of the two countries on collaboration in vocational training.

Speaking of the win-win gains for both Singapore and Malaysia in cooperating in Iskandar at a joint press conference, Mr Lee said: “The great advantage of Iskandar Malaysia is that it’s across the Straits of Johor, and that means that you can tap on what Singapore offers in terms of infrastructure, in terms of services, in terms of industrial base.” 8th April BT

  1. The malaysian skilled personnel are already there in Johore except that they are coming to Singapore to work in factories here. They are either PRs (better quality with tertiary education) in Singapore and living in Johore and commute daily or for the lower rung workers they commute daily via the motocycle brigade. Whats needed is for the Spore SMEs who are always complaining about high rents and non availability of staff to move their businesses to Johore . Many have done so, and so did I 3 years ago. I bought my own factory (no JTC blood suckers) and it has been the best business decision I made. I make more money, my staff are the same people who commuted daily to Singapore . I dont pay them Singapore salaries, but pay above average salaries in Johore and they don’t mind as they can be home in 10 -15 mins. I have a happy work force. My suppliers are all in malaysia but I’m selling my stuff in SGD and USD. What Singapore needs is a campaign to get the more SMEs to relocate to Iskandar. Otherwise those guys they train will be right back in Singapore again. These ivory tower ministers just dont get it! Or perhaps they know but wont do it because than how can they continue to ake obscene killing via rent seeking?

    • Thanks for sharing. Actually to be fair to our ministers, Jonor minister has said that there are skills- shortage.

      Glad to hear you and workers win, win.

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