Think up another “clarification”, general

In Indonesia on 19/04/2014 at 5:15 am

(Or “The lies Indon officials tell”)

“Wasn’t me, was an impostor,” the head of the Indonesian Armed Forces should have said. Or, “I no speak English”. LOL

Some 48 hours after his interview with Channel NewsAsia aired on Tuesday, the head of the TNI deaplogised an apology he made during the interview.

General Moeldoko said on Thursday that he had not apologised to the Singapore government for the naming of a warship after two Indonesian marines who bombed MacDonald House in Singapore in 1965.

Instead, he clarified that he was expressing his regret that the naming decision was final and would not be changed.

On Tuesday night, Channel NewsAsia aired an exclusive interview with General Moeldoko, during which he touched on the relations between Singapore and Indonesia, among other issues.

He was asked by Channel NewsAsia senior Southeast Asia correspondent Sujadi Siswo about the decision to name a warship Usman Harun after the two Indonesian marines, and the ties between the two countries.

“Once again I apologise. We have no ill intent whatsoever to stir emotions. Not at all. Second, relations between the two countries are on the mend. There’ve been communications among leaders. Singapore’s Chief of Defence and I have spoken,” General Moeldoko had said. (CNA)

What could be clearer? He did apologise.

So he’s a talk cock general? I prefer our paper generals.

Seriously, I was surprised at his unambiguous apology and wondered why the TNI had eaten crow. Now we know, “He didn’t mean what he we heard.” So TNI still believes in killing civilians is a legitimate military tactic. Tell the Americans.

Still want us to trust Indonesia Mad Dog Chee?

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  1. Does this Indonesian general look like a guy who will eat crow ? Does he have to ? I think he was being conciliatory without actually backing down from their right to do as they like. Something like ” Hey sorry about all that, let’s move on”. English is not his first language so the word “apologize” may mean something different to him than to us. The onus was on us to get confirmation. Instead we were looking to be triumphant. This is the kind of mistake only novices should make. The Minister should have been more guarded like saying, ” that’s a positive step, let’s talk”. Trying to ” reward” the Indonesians for apologizing demeans them and causes this backlash.

    • Guess you are SDP supporter LOL. Indon’s TNI believes killing civilians is a legitimate military tactic. Go ask the West Papuans, East Timorese, Achenese, Sulawisians etc etc. Or ask the American trainers who train their senior officers. The senior officers know know two things: grovel or bullying. I’d rather S’pore makes them grovel than be bullied. Majullah S’pura.

  2. I agree with GG: Lost in translation.

  3. No I am not an SDP supporter. I will only become one if they give up politics and become a think tank. I am a supporter of value for money. No country needs to grovel to Singapore. We are just vain to think we are that important. Most countries in the region will cut their noses to spite their faces before giving in to us. They have more pride than Singaporeans. I agree with you the Indonesians are brutal in conflict. That alone will have told us to be circumspect about a so-called “apology”. The Indonesians do not suffer a loss of face in this because we were so quick to make an approach. We got rebuffed. The loss of face is all ours. I second the Majullah Singapura. We are right to protest the naming of the warships. Having made our point, that’s that. Frankly we should also protest the Jap PM visits to the Yasikuni shrine since Singapore suffered because of Jap war crimes. Should we do this every year ? There’s really no point.

  4. I agree with the first writer that the Singapore G through the CNA interview is still looking to extract a triumph and wants nothing less than a kow-tow by the Indonesian G. Btw the interview was 100% in Bahasa (I watched it but didn’t understand the original version) and the translation was done by CNA. It is not unlikely that that there was a loss in translation and perhaps CNA was over- zealous for an apology the way it wished it to be. The General’s follow-up explanation is plausible and not unreasonable that he apologised for causing the unintended insult as his G had always said that the naming would not be reversed.

    I also agree with the remark that the Minister in trying to ” reward” the Indonesians for apologizing demeans them and causes this backlash.

    • I know enough Bahasa to understand the question he was asked and his response. His response had no qualifiers or anything to indicate that he referring to a “final decision”. The Indons never ever said that the CNA translation was wrong. They “clarifed” his response. My point is that diplomatic relations with Indonesia have to be conducted in a hard-nosed,M-16 in hand, given the track record of their officials in two-timing and the brutality of the TNI against Indonesian civilians. Plenty of evidence of both. No touchy-feelly, sensitive to them.

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