Unacceptable, appalling, daft behaviour

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Sigh, sad is the day when this critic of the PAP’s policy of bringing in FTs (where the “T” stands for “Trash”, think of SGX’s CEO, and president) by the container load* has to agree with the PM on an FT related-issue (see his comments at **). And this after agreeing with ST Drove me to drink.

My Facebook avatar posted these (among other comments he made to Goh Meng Seng’s comments that the Filipinos’ event is an attack on S’pore’s sovereignty and speculating of the troubles that could occur if the Indians and PRCs wanted to celebrate their national days in public spaces

I for one have no issues with any overseas group wanting to celebrate their national day here so long as they do so in compliance with the law. Fact that they are obeying the law of S’pore shows that sovereignty is not an issue. Sovereignty is only an issue when our laws are not respected, and flouted. Of course if they are found breaking the law, they should be deported ASAP and Maruah should sit down and shut up.

— Juz because there are more Indians and PRCs doesn’t make that a problem in itself. There seems to be an assumption that their numbers make them organising a do a problem. Well shouldn’t we assume that they want to organise something peaceful and festive? Or are we assuming that whatever they do they will only riot? And that our police are daft?

He also responded to P Ravi’s as follows:

I don’t think “hypernationalism” or even “nationalism” is the issue. There is a group of very vocal S’poreans who will use any excuse to “whack” the PAP. Sadly ’cause of the way the PAP govt does things, the size of this group is not known. But we do now that based on PE 2011, there are 35% of S’poreans who can be swayed from the “right” way. I’m sure PM and the PAP are having a gd laugh. The people who are denouncing the Filipinos because they hate the PAP are helping the PAP. SIGH.

I like PM am appalled. He at the trolls. Me at the trolls for being so daft as to hand a PR victory to the PAP. Anger at the FT policy is understandable, but verbally abusing FTs and helping the PAP is unacceptable.

But let’s not be too hard on the trolls.They could be confused by what they are hearing from the govt and social media. I’ll be blogging soon on some of Goh Meng Seng’s comments on the matter that have me confused. He seems to be opposed to the event while at the same time encouraging the organisers to go ahead. But I need to clear my head first. Drank too much malt.



**PM’s Facebook message

PM Lee posted a Facebook message on 19 April saying that he was appalled to read about netizens “harassing” the organisers of the Philippines’ Independence Day celebrations.

“They are a disgrace to Singapore,” he said; adding that fortunately, it appeared to be the work of a “few trolls”.

He said, “We must treat people in Singapore the way we ourselves expect to be treated overseas. Many Singaporeans live overseas, and are warmly welcomed in their adopted homes.”

He then talked about the recent Singapore Day celebration in London, “How would we have felt if British netizens had spammed our website, and abused Singaporeans living in Britain?”’We must show that we are generous of spirit and welcome visitors into our midst, even as we manage the foreign population here. Otherwise we will lower our standing in the eyes of the world, and have every reason to be ashamed of ourselves,” he said.

PM Lee’s Facebook post [Link]:

  1. There are xenophobes and there are xenophobes,they are 0f course stupid and wrong.
    Are Singapore citizens xenophobes?NO,majority of they are not,they are the most wonderful people in the world who accept all people regarding of race,language or religion,even to the extent that the foreigners are fighting for the same jobs with them.
    So what is the problem?As I see it,the problem is with those stupid politicians who want to call us xenophobes for what ever evil motives they have,I will call on those stupid people to stop doing this immediately.

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  3. I do not support the protest but I do beleive there is a root cause behind this incident. Over 50 years, we have not acheived a Singaporean identity or an Singapore culture. What the government has sought to do is establish a party culture were obedience and reward go hand in hand. From grassroots work to serving in the civil service loyally comes with reward. In these area they have been very successful. What about a Singaporean culture? The party never allowed it to succeed. They divided us by race “CMIO”, by labelling everyone supporting any opposition party as the “others”, troublemakers etc. The resisted the concept of melting pot while promoting each race seperately. Where possible they pitted one group with another. Remember the famous “Singapore is not ready for a Indian Prime Minister” comment by LKY. Well the question is “Is Singapore or the party not ready” You know why the anger, this is done by a group of volunteer Philipinos because they have an identity. Who organised the Singapore day? The government, did you ever see a group of Singaporeans overseas doing something like this. Perhaps a Chinese New Year party amonsgt overseas Chines or Deepavali by Indian

  4. Luckily for LHL and papies, the UK doesn’t have 40% foreigner population, or 1-in-2 working adults being foreigners, or 2-in-3 jobs going to foreigners. Else the brits will have more vocal reactions regarding Sg day. In the meantime, no worries man, squeeze more money from the foreigners first.

  5. You do not understand Sovereignty issue at all. I didn’t say “attack on our sovereignty” but rather, Trespasses on our “sovereignty”.

    You have selectively posted my comments and I will take issue with that. No Foreign diplomatic missions will celebrate their National Day or Independence Day on the soil of host countries because that is deemed insensitive, inappropriate and trespasses on the host countries’ sovereignty. That’s diplomatic protocol and established practices to hold such celebration as PRIVATE (instead of PUBLIC) functions inside their Embassy compound or hotels. You do not understand such established protocols at all! This is also why Foreign National Emblems of other countries are not allowed to be displayed publicly on our land with few exceptions.

    I will post a full article as well as my letter to Philippines Embassy in due time.

    Goh Meng Seng

    • Not so smart as you leh, only did private int’l law and not public int’l law. Too academic for me, the latter. Hope you provide references (not Wikipedia pls) in yr article so that can read the basis of yr arguments in int’l law. BTW, will read with interest how our sovereignty is trespassed when private Filipino citizens organising the event obeyed our laws?

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