Why global education league rankings are meaningless

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South Korea is rated number one according to this ranking* by Pearson and the EIU. And other education league tables also rank it highly.

But we know that over 200 Southern Korean students obeyed orders, and drowned as a result.They behaved like sheep rather than intelligent human beings.They were not sceptical enough. Is this what education all about? Behaving like sheep?

BTW, we are third and I’m sure our students would have obeyed orders too, like the Japs (second), and drowned. (Can’t be sure about the Hongkies 4th.  ( I suspect the Hongkie kids would have disobeyed orders, HK’s that kind of place, Hongkies not afraid to protest. Power to them)

If behaving like sheep is the result of the best education system in the world, I’d rather be an American kid ( USranked 14th)

— it’s an American teenager from Hicksville USA (actually Mississippi) who started a campaign that made Coke and Pepsi drop an ingredient in their sports drinks.

— And remember this 5-yr-0ld American boy who is a Microsoft recognised security researcher for spotting an Xbox flaw?

When the PAP govt and its trumpeters and drummers in our constructive, nation-building media laud our education system citing these int’l league tables, remember the Korean kids who drowned. My test would be, “Which countries’ kids are least likely to have drowned?”


*These rankings are based upon an amalgamation of international tests and education data – including the OECD’s Pisa tests, and two major US-based studies, Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (Timss) and Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (Pirls).

They also include higher-education graduation rates, which helped the UK to a much higher position than in Pisa tests,

  1. Yes, it is Singaporeans who should ask what sort of kids they want. We shouldn’t be overly concerned what the Government wants. The Government probably thinks losing 200 kids is a black swan event and a small price to pay for having an educated but pliant population. Individual parents who need to think hard about what happens to their kids.

    • Sadly, I think parents here think that their kid not going to die like sheep. ((((((. Otherwise they wouldn’t bother having children here. LOL

  2. Just take a look at how PAP-compliant the entire system has become.

  3. i think there is still a ray of hope for us Singaporeans. Remember the Singaporean who smashed the SMRT GLASS windows with a fire extinguisher for letting air into the cabins of the stalled MRT coaches in the tunnel, before someone suffocated to death.
    i wonder did the Papies (G) or LTA charged him for taking “LAWS into his own hands”. Or charged him for vandalism regardless of the situations getting dangerous for lives (lack of ventilation/oxygen). Instead of award him for his action of quick thinking in neutralising a dangerous situation where lives could be lost.

  4. No way to measure street / worldly smart… so they turn to the next best thing, academic. However, I think parents need to take up the responsibility of pushing the kids out of the safety zone and experience life.

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