Roy’s a real S’porean

In Political governance on 22/05/2014 at 10:22 am

Update on 24 May at 9.15am: PM is not happy with Roy’s apology because Roy has not offered to pay costs and damages. If I were PM’s lawyer, I’d be offended by Roy’s lawyer’s comments on my professional integrity and competency on the issue of costs.  I’d complain to to Law Society. M Ravi forgot to take his pills?

Let’s see if Roy continues to be garang. He’s made his bed, he has to lie in it.


I’ve heard from several usually reliable sources that Roy Ngerng is holding out on the issue of paying damages. He is willing to apologise to PM but not willing to be saddled with a huge debt (based on the precedents set by the cases lost by Dr Chee and JBJ) the amount can run to millions of $).

Well so Roy is a true-blue S’porean. Words are cheap, but money is a serious matter.

Well at least, we wouldn’t have to bear him pontificating on sacrifice. His willingness to apologise shows his mettle. JBJ or Chee would not apologise.

Actually PM’s been a patient man. I blogged this weeks ago saying Roy must be an alien for blogging

On govt stealing interest from CPF

And on CPF contributions being a tax and CPF being theft despite this study ranking S’pore’s CPF system as the  7th best out of 20 pension systems analysed


PM needn’t have waited until Roy decided to compare the CPF system to criminal misappropriation. Roy had been making that point for a long time. Maybe PM was kooning and juz woke up? Or was working so hard trying to find answers to govt policy failures that have upset S’poreans? Think the tpt revamp.

What do you think?

  1. The responsibility of explaining how CPF operates lies squarely on the Government’s shoulders. They seem to let it be. Piece meal graphics on full page newsprint explains only current policies that they feel needs explaining.

    It is more complicated than that. CPF is a very complex scheme, therefore it becomes fodder for people to generate misunderstandings. It does not help when the Gov keeps layering on top of all previous schemes, a la kueh lapis.

    There are so many scenarios:

    A) Before 55 years
    B) After 55 years
    C) After draw down age
    D) Between 55 and draw down age
    E) Used CPF for housing/investments etc
    F) Did not use CPF for housing/investments etc

    and not mentioning CPF LIFE …

    Not a single “expert” can explain with clarity how the entire scheme operates.
    Because of that, it creates a perfect environment for debate, misunderstandings, and certainly for anti PAP people.

    I thought this would be an opportunity for the Gov, CPF to explain once and for all.
    But heck no!.. they in fact choose to tempt more attacks..

    Looks like they prefer to be misunderstood as opposed to being coherent. Apologies and compensation a far better claim for a spot in history.

    • Henry, I don’t see how much more the govt can explain. The CPF system sucks badly on many fronts. Juz read MSM today. But there is a big difference in the complaints that have been made by those who understand the system and what Roy is saying.

    • And as you said its so damned complex. and our govt isn’t exactly first world at communications. S/o Devan Nair is its spin doctor.

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