How “warm” are Ozzies to us?/ Pinoy Talent and Trash

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They are “warmer” to China and Japan, both much bigger trading partners and investors.

China narrowly eclipses Japan … with 31% of the votes, versus 28% for Japan (Singapore is third, with 12%). China also enjoyed a jump of six percentage points, to 60%, with Australians expressing “warm feelings” towards the country, despite its recent “assertiveness” in the region. (Economist)


A US tech entrepreneur based in the Philippines says of Pinoy IT talent, “The good ones have left for Singapore or Hong Kong. It makes it hard for tech entrepreneurs to operate here,” he says.

So that Pinoy IT Trash working here is actually a Talent back home.


  1. all the foreigners (PRs, expats, ‘ft”) in SG are – $$$ talks, and BS walks.

  2. FTalent versus FTrash is relative. Talent back in Olongapo may still be trash in AMK industrial park 2. I have worked with the good foreigners — problem is I have to go through 999 Trashy ones before finding 1. These are those that have graduated from the top 3 universities back in india, china, pinoyland. And they are equivalent to the 80th percentile of Sinkies or higher. The rest of the foreigners are rather Trashy, equivalent to the average local Poly grad at best and frequently equivalent only to typical ITE grad. They are eagerly sought after by companies merely as cheap inputs to work the capitalistic infrastructure.

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