GIC, Temasek laughing all the way from Alibaba’s cave

In Financial competency, GIC, Private Equity, Temasek on 10/06/2014 at 4:47 am
FT reported a few moons ago on how Alibaba is likely to be valued in a coming US IPO:
Would-be buyers of Alibaba’s unlisted shares and convertible bonds have recently been making offers that value the group at $120bn-$150bn*, according to bondholders and others involved in the market …

That is a sharp contrast with 2012, when Alibaba issued the $1.6bn convertible bond to a small group of investors including Singapore’s Temasek and GIC.

At the time, Alibaba was valued at less than $40bn, two people with direct knowledge of the situation said. Under the terms of the deal, the bond will convert into equity upon completion of an IPO.

($= US$)

Temasek haters like Chris Balding and Heart Truths must be feeling sick. The bonds are worth 3 times the price that Temasek, GIC paid for them. Even at the low end valuation valuation of US$80bn, the bonds would have doubled in value. Keep on cursing Heart Truths and Chris Balding (and TRE posters). GIC, Temasek are like Sith Lords, they do well when you keep cursing them. LOL

Never mind, these rabid haters can bitch about the failure of an IPO where Temasek among other shareholders were trying to flip less than a yr after they went in. Investors tot they were too piggy in a pig farming IPO.

*Another view: Alibaba’s valuation, which a Breakingviews calculator estimates at $113 billion


  1. The gloom and doom of China market by Professor Larry Lang on 9th June 2014.
    For the sake of our citizens,I ,an anti-PAP voter, sincerely hope that GIC and Temasek would take the money and run ASAP.

  2. No worries man. Ride the bull till it explodes. Explosion not yet. Maybe 2016 or 2017. By then many of you who bought condos will commit suicide. Mass riots in the streets. NTUC and Cold Storage all kena looted. Clinics and doctors all held at knife point for free meds and free treatment. By then call in army also dunno whether army will bother to listen. Those old and weak will die first & die fast. But now still ok. So huat first.

    • Currently, the probability of the beginning of the End Times seems to be as follows:
      – Year 2014 : 80 %
      The beginning of the End Times will most likely be within July 13 – 19, 2014, in-sha-Allah.we may not have to wait till 2016/17,AllahU Akbar.

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