Roy missed his calling in life

In Humour on 11/06/2014 at 5:06 am

He should have become a pre owned car salesman. Still not too late.

Sorry lah. Roy keeps changing his story. At first he admitted on Facebook that he’s been misusing working hours and underperforming at work. Now he says the firing is politically motivated. He can’t even get his story straight. Whatever little sympathy I had for him has now evaporated.” was posted on Facebook a few hrs after Roy first announced his “firing”.

I agree with the tots expressed.

Here’s another paper warrior (wannabe SPH jornalist at NTU propoganda school) practicing selling his soul.

He condemns Roy for being a demagogue: There are no plans to help people in need; people that have money in CPF but who have no means to take it out. There are no plans to do anything from the ground up. Roy’s not an activist; he’s (very sadly) a demagogue.

Readers will know that that I think Roy is full of rubbish. His only originality is in publicly accusing the govt of theft of our CPF.

But in a place where being a demagogue can carry a high price, juz ask JBJ, something that Roy is learning at first hand  labeling someone a demagogue amounts to honouring him.  Besides, other than words, how can one actively show dissent here? In S’pore demagoguery is feared by the state.

Here’s a piece from a friend of the previous blogger that is more objective:

And another:

I hope the sotong blogger can learn from his friend.



  1. I’m willing to give him benefit of the doubt. That he had a rethink and felt that his sacking was politically motivated after the ministry also came out to issue press statement. Extraordinary no?

    And Hri Kumar appears to demonstrate the art of flip flop very well too, from the way he went on to uninvite KJ and Roy for an open and honest discussion on the CPF.

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  3. What’s the difference between him and religious leaders? Is there any basis for religious leaders to condemn you to hell? Or charges you a law breaker (sinner)?
    In the religious mind and text book, you are as corrupted as the PM. So?

    In Roy’s text book, PM is corrupted (because he is the head). So?

    Sue everyone who calls you sinner because their text book says so?

    Are you that small minded and INFERIOR?

  4. Stupid Old Dog:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    June 14, 2014 at 3:58 am (Quote)

    SOD browses at the comments, look more like mobs relentlessly attacking Nicole, Cynical Investor and NSP. Unbelievable – chickens running all over the places spewing filthy words even without the heads.

    SOD always maintains “most” oppositions are no different from die-hard PAP. If these are Roy’s supporters, SOD wants no part of it.

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