PAP’s new secret weapons?

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With the World cup starting today (tomorrow morning our time), one thing I know, is that, our elite anti-PAP cyber-warriors are not footie fans. That can be the only explanation why they have not be sounding the alarm on how the PAP PA is trying to attract younger, non-elite S’poreans by screening footie games.  The PAP, unlike these cyber-warriors realise that football is the new opiate of the masses

A few weeks ago it was reported that the People’s Association (PA) publicised which Community Centres will be hosting screenings of first-round World Cup games. CNA reported, According to a table released by the PA on its website on Monday (May 26), all 30 Centres participating in the live screenings will televise the first match involving host Brazil and Croatia on June 13.

More recently there was an announcement that the total number of CCs screening the matches ‘live’ would be increased to 40 and that more matches will be shown.

40 Community Clubs (CC) islandwide will be showing World Cup matches live and for free as well. Buona Vista CC for instance, will screen the matches in its multi-purpose hall, which has a seating capacity of 300. There will also be fringe activities such as football-related contests. In a statement earlier this month, the People’s Association said it hopes the sessions will inspire community bonding. It also hopes to ignite passion for football. (CNA on Tuesaday) Err what about helping PAP connect with younger S’poreans?

This move to screen World Cup matches followed a screening of second tier EPL matches And we know who has the rights to EPL and WS here, don’t we?

All in the cause of next GE?

And there’s more. There will be a PAP PA 2.0: The Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC), previously announced last year at the National Day Rally, held a short brief for potential volunteers* …

The PA is increasingly showing its age. Example: In 2012 the defeated PAP MPs for Aljunied GRC Mrs Lim Hwee Hua and Mdm Cynthia Phua stepped down as grassroots advisers to Aljunied ”grassroots organisations” to be replaced by  71- year old Professor Brian Lee  and 62 year old Mrs Daisie Yip both much older than the two defeated PAP MPs. I said, Oh dear, are things so bad at the grassroots in Aljunied that the People’s Association can only find two extremely old chickens (too old for the slaughter-house) to replace the defeated PAP MPs who were no spring chickens themselves?

This is a far cry from the days when PA “organisers and activists”, as LKY called them, were trained in PAP ideology and in how govt ministries worked, and sent to community centres to organise recreational, cultural and social events. The idea was for them to become via the organising of these activities, the “natural” community leaders.

The YVC seems to be a return to the PA of the 1950s and 60s: Young Singaporean and PR volunteers (aged between 15-35) in the Youth Volunteer Corps attend a short residential camp and volunteer for semesters of service (from 3 – 6 months) for either local or overseas community projects. The programme, built from existing NYC programmes such as the Youth Expedition Project (YEP) will entail volunteers working in ‘diverse’ teams to create community service solutions to serve critical, broad community needs:  education, health, special needs, arts, sports and heritage, and environment. Volunteers will be matched to interests they wish to pursue, and they will be provided with resources from partnering NGOs and government, particularly the $100 million National Youth Fund which the YVC will tap into.

( wisemental king comes across as a wannabe YVC leader, juz read his posts)

Hitler had his V1 (today’s cruise missiles) and V2 (today’s ICBMs) secret weapons . Are televised footie and the Hitler LKY Youth Volunteer Corps the PAP’s secret weapons for winning back Aljunied and Punggol East in the next GE*.  In addition, of course, to one PritamS. BTW, I’m glad that the WP has cottoned on to the danger of PritamS. As recommended here: If WP is smart, they should lock PritamS in a padded cell, and when the next GE is called, announce that he will not be standing again. He is a liability in a party with men of substance and quiet achievement like Low, Show Mao and JJ.

One gd thing about PritamS is that he plays footie, but sadly with a PAP MP team.


*Or at least in shoring up the popular vote so that it doesn’t fall further or result in a loss of another GRC?






  1. Yes the FTs & foreign workers would be delighted to occupy the seats at the CCs to watch the World Cup. And they connect very well with the gahmen.

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  3. Juxtaposing struck-out text next to ordinary text might be construed as defamatory. Better consult a lawyer. To be safe.

  4. I am confused, in the 50’s, PA trained young people for leadership in “Youth Club”. SOD remember going to one of the Youth Club in the evening to play. It closed after PAP came to power. Two of my siblings were very active, maybe they can shade more light. Cynical Investor, are you aware of the “Youth Club”?

    • No. News to me that PA existed before PAP. Got source? Historical info tells me that PAP introduced PA.

      • No, No, no! PA existed before PAP came to power. Still remember located R/H side as you enter into old Kallang Airport from main gate. Maybe name had changed. Getting old lah!

        Not to released too much information – There was this Yuking Youth Club locate in Prinsep Street near the corner of Selegie Road. Believe there were four to six clubs over the island, all ending “ing” like Yuking Youth Club.

        They had free classes for sewing, typing, assisting poor in under performing areas. Started by SPA (Singapore People Alliance).

        Do a search , type “Yuking Youth Class”. Anyway still available in “The Straits Times, 14 May 1959, Page 4” or try

        Stupid Old Dog

        PS: Dun email me the email.

      • PA commemorated its 50th Anniversary in 2010. So it it started life in 1960. Most probably, yr “PA” had the same name but not this PA. )))

  5. NO, before 60′ most likely in late 50’s either by Labor Party or SPA. Still the same, maybe name change (will confirm with my sibling, take time). Everyone in the old PA kenna sacked! They whitewashed history! Rewritten to serve the regime.

    Here another titbit, did you know what happened after the Chung Cheng High School breakup, students transferred to two new high schools, some to an existing Chinese school. Do you know the name of the two new Chinese High Schools before PAP sweep into power?

    This info not available anywhere and SOD cannot find any. Most of the students are long gone. BTW, SOD was not a student in any of the schools.

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