Why millionaire-ministers are rooting for any team except Argies

In Footie, Humour, Political governance on 07/07/2014 at 4:42 am

While all S’poreans, disgusted with million dollar salaries for ministers should be cheering for the Argies.

It’s all about the money the managers earn relative to their performance. Argie’s mgr is only 22nd in the World Cup managers” salaries ranking while the other three teams are 4th Brazil), 6th (Germany) and 8th (my favourite).

The Argie mgr is paid only 20.45% of the salary of the Brazilian manager. A certain PAP MP eye doctor would surely sneer at him if he consulted said eye doctor.

Here, I explained why the World Cup is proving the PAP wrong: there is no relation between high pay and gd performance.

In round 1, the teams managed by the three highest paid managers were eliminated. The teams were Russia, England and Italy.

The managers are paid £6.7m, £3.5m and £2.6m, respectively. (Data from UK paper, hence the £)

Other mgrs on the top 10 most well paid list that were eliminated were Spain (mgr is the 7th most highly paid at £2m) and and Japan (9th at £1.6m). For the record, Portugal’s mgr is 12th at £1.3m.

I went on to analyse the other  games where less well-paid managers won. Thiink Costa Rica.

But the PAP can still say the World Cup validates the salary thesis esp if Brazil wins. So come on Argies.

Of the remaining four managers, Brazil ‘s mgr is the fourth most highly paid manager at £2.4m, Germany’s mgr is paid £2.1m (6th), Holland’s mgr (8th in the world) at £2m, and a long way away is the Argies’ mgr (22) at £0.49m.

But the stats say Germany will win. Beating Brazil in semi and Argies in final.

Not juz because Brazil is missing Neymar with a fractured bone in his spine sustained against Colombia.

Breakingviews’ updated Soccernomics calculator … which crunches economic and demographic numbers to predict the outcome of World Cup matches, has performed reasonably well during the first half of the tournament. It predicted the correct winner in 27 of the 48 matches in the group stage. Excluding drawn matches, the calculator was right 69 percent of the time. [Got Italy and Spain wrong though]

On-field form plays no direct part in Breakingviews’ predictions. The model combines the transfer value of players, the country’s population, the proportion of people who play soccer, and public engagement with the sport to come up with an overall rating. Teams with the higher rank should win.

Another reason why Argies will not win: geriatric squads don’t win the World Cup. a four-place drop in performance (see chart). In other words, if a reigning champion simply brought back its roster from four years before, its mean age would increase by four years, and it would be expected to finish a dismal 17th.

  1. Yes, their thinking is that money can buy anything. We have the best politicians money can buy in the world. If I remember correctly, we set up some kind of football fund for getting into the final 36 in the World Cup in 2014 (or was it in 2010). What happened to all that money and all those football talents?

  2. 信不信由你…. 这次世界杯,意大离了,西班哑了、英格烂了、乌拉归了……1/4决赛:哥伦比哑了,法兰熄了,比利失了,哥斯达离家了!照这思路,接下去半决赛:巴熄了,荷烂了,决赛是德国阿根廷。最后:德过了,阿根停了,冠军应该是德国‼️ 

    • Can translate pls?

      • Very witty in Chinese – play with the names of the countries in Mandarin. Lost in translation, but I will try…

        Believe it or not,… this world cup, Italy is leaving (Italy in Chinese sounds like leaving), England is rotten (again play on the word “lan” for Land in England), Uruguay has gone home (return), Colombia has gone dumb, France is extinguished, Belgium lost, Costa Rica leaving home.

        With this line of thinking, for the semi finals (and I got this before Brazil was trashed 7:1), Brazil extinguished (Brazil in Chinese sounds like Brazil extinguished), Holland has rotted. Final will be between Germany and Argentina.

        Finally, Germany has crossed over (passed – a play on Germany’s name in Chinese), Argentina has stopped. So, the Champion should be Germany!!

      • Thanks. Much appreciated.

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