MAS tragedy: SIA attacked by anti-PAP cyber warriors?

In Airlines, Malaysia on 20/07/2014 at 4:27 am

Really I can’t see why SIA was attacked for saying on Facebook and Twitter that its flights were not using Ukraine airspace.

Reuters reported: That triggered a flood of angry responses, with many lambasting SIA for not offering condolences to the victims’ families and for mounting what some perceived as a publicity stunt during a crisis involving its neighboring country’s flagship airline.

Anyway SIA did the pragmatic thing by apologising and rewording its messages. No pointing rowing with loonies, something PM Lee should learn.


  1. Maybe they were attacked because they told a boldfaced lie about not flying over Ukraine, when they actually flew over there more than MAS. And btw their head of communications is a precious Foreign Talent.

  2. you’ve forgotten to include the star (m’sia) and fairfax media (down under).

  3. you’ve forgotten to include the star (malaysia) and fairfax media (down under).

  4. Why?…

    ..Not only lie but took opportunity to ride the high horse of wisdom, foresight, at the expense of tragedy. This style of thinking permeates from “if we can collect more money, why not?”

  5. First off, to be an anti PAP cyber warrior means that obviously, the only goal here is to bring down the PAP, correct? The mode of operations for some of these netizens is therefore obvious: “Keep lambasting the system, keep portraying bad things about the country and by extension the PAP. By doing so, enough people will be convinced to vote them out. Then we will all live happily ever after, no more FT, free healthcare and cheap condominiums, cars for everyone.”

    Ok, I exaggerate. But I think what is important here is that if you campaign against the PAP online, make sure you restrict it to the PAP. Cyber warriors think they are on some crusade to right every wrong. They end up attacking every organization out there, eg. Singtel, SIA, NLB, whatever. As long as its a Singapore organization and it makes a mistake, bringing them down = bringing PAP down.

    But be careful. Many of these organizations are staffed by Singaporeans as well. Ordinary people who have no affiliation to the PAP and do not welcome attacks on them, on their company, for whom they might be trying very hard to work for and make things better. This is why you notice, the smart oppositions target only the PAP ministers and key policies, they do not attack needlessly any organization or group out there.

  6. Well this FT is way overrated, like FTs in general. I think FT should just be labeled F to be more in line with reality

  7. Boycott!

  8. Hammer them where it really hurts. The bottom line. These ppl need to learn the hard way. That at least is my experience.

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