Whining cyber warriors are born losers?

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If you go to link below, and click around, you will find that S’pore’s ranking on happiness (70) is very close to that Laos (69) and Burma (67) despite being way ahead in development rankings. M’sia is also at 70. The Thais and Indons are happiest in Asean (80).

So in Asean, S’poreans are about the norm happiness wise. And on par with HK which is at around our lrvel of development.

So juz as there is something wrong with netizens’ perceptions about material prosperity, they got happiness wrong too? TRE posters and other netizens must the exception to reasonably happy S’poreans? Born losers in happiness as in prosperity?

Any wonder then why govt commissioning a new study to find out what the people want, for retirement, and for health needs? Can’t rely on the noise from cyberspace for accurate feedback? Born losers here (self-included). S’pore Notes bitching on new govt study.


But then I’ve been called a PAP mole and worse by TRE ranters.






  1. You think only you a “PAP mole”. Me kenna worst, IB, lapdog, papee and more. Can’t believe neber once voted for the PAP and olways oppositions! Me think these parrots are even worst then die-hard PAP’s.

    Tried meaningful debates. Maybe a few clueless “intellects”. An example debate on MH17. A Clueless TRE poster replied (note the last paragraph):

    “Anyway in the last 24 hours or so, the US, British and Australian governments including the US Ambassador at the UN) have came out to say that the Buk missile which shot down MH17 was fired from pro-Russian rebel-controlled territory.

    If they do not have some sort of solid evidence do you think that they will dare to come out strongly to say such things?”

    SOD now comment: If Russian provided Satellite Imagery, the US have never challenged nor provide equivalent imagery satellites. Latest from Canadian Ukraine Peter Haisenko OSCE Observer: There were bullets holes on the cockpit’s sections, further observed by a pilot the bullets holes is 30mm. To believe the EU, USA blindly is sheer stoopid!

    Sorry, like you and your readers to see and read an article from VT, please don’t go to the sites, it’s really gruesome:

    Stupid Old Dog

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