Putting Roy’s fund raising efforts into a global perspective

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Anti-PAP cybernauts were quick to draw the conclusion that the PAP was doomed and publicise this ‘fact’. when Roy raised his $70,000 (and then a further $30,000) pretty quickly. So were S’poreans whose views I respect. Even I was impressed with the response. Until I read this:

Ohio man Zach Brown turned to crowdfunding to help fund a modest goal. He set up a Kickstarter page to help him make potato salad….just wanted to make a tasty side, but lacked the cash for basic ingredients.

He set a goal of $10 (£5.84). That’s low considering that the majority of successful Kickstarter projects raise between $1,000 and $9,999, but steep for homemade potato salad. But the humble and slightly ridiculous request – Brown promised to say the name of each backer aloud as he made the salad – took off. Five days into his challenge, Brown has raised almost $60,000 (£35,000), with most donors giving $4 or less.

US$60,000 is more than S$70,000. Both were raised within about the same time frame.

What the reaction to the fund raising shows is the low expectations that we S’poreans have of our fellow S’poreans’ civic consciousness: $70,000 in a few days is a big deal. Roy has a huge following on the internet and social media. Yet what gd has that done him? He faces a law suit that will bankrupt him and all he has as a result of his popularity is S$100,000++ fighting fund and the acclaim of netizens. “Noise” doesn’t pay the legal bills does it?.

And while on the topic of “Loud Thunder, Little Rain” from anti-PAP voices and netizens, both TRE and TOC have appealed for donations to keep their shoe-string operations going. No wonder the PAP considers the views from cyberspace ‘noise’. The talk of support doesn’t get translated into action i.e financial support for the idols of the anti-PAP cyber warriors, or in attendance at gigs. (Btw, here’s Han Hui Hui reporting that 1000 people attended her gig. Read the comments as it shows the length hoe divorced from reality some cybernuts are: example: PAP will lose next GE.)

Contrast that with the financial support that members of Kong Hee’s church are giving to the defence funds of most of those charged for criminally misappropriating their money to fund auntie Ho’s Hollywood life-style.  Those funded have engaged expensive lawyers.




  1. Hear hear again. Sometimes I think its true that Singaporeans might have been politically suppressed for too long, that any tiny achievement is seen as something big. One of the most laughable points about the anti-PAP ranters is this: With pathetic numbers and actions, they like to claim they represent the masses.

    The reality is I wonder if they even do represent the 40% of opposition voters. That’s more than a million people, and we can’t find at least 10000 to go for a Speaker’s Corner Rally on CPF. We can’t get donations for TOC/TRE? I donated to TOC before. I was shocked at their lack of funds then.

    Singaporeans have the ability to think and act for cause based activism. You rightly pointed out the support CHC has. Pink Dot, Wear White, Free my Library, you can see that Singaporeans do speak up and act. And in large numbers. Yet the most pitiful in terms of action, finances, and attendance is the one that makes the loudest noise, the Anti-PAP ranters.

    Sometimes, I wonder if they know how pathetic they are. I saw a comment on TOC saying how grateful we should be to Ngerng and clique because it was his work that caused PM Lee to finally allow some CPF withdrawal. So guess how many Singaporeans showed their gratitude? 400?

    I think most opposition parties do not want to rock their boat as yet, but they must secretly be thinking “Eh, don’t spoil market for me leh, please. If your funny pattern can overthrow PAP, you think I long ago dunno how to do is it?”

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  3. Ohio State has about 11.54 million people and USA has about 308,745,538 resident, therefore on average it was like each Ohio person contributed about 0.5 cents (ie not ‘gor jiam’ but ‘puah jiam’) or each American resident gave 0.02 cents to Zach Brown for a better potato salad.

    (By the way, minimum wage in USA is at least U$7.25 per hour)

    In the same vein, Roy would have received 1.3 cent (‘jid jiam gei tampo’) from every resident in Singapore, ie 2.6 times more than Zach on a per capital basis.

    If only Singaporean are interested in this issue, then it would be about 2.1 cents from each citizen or 4.2 times more.

    And if only opposition supporters are screaming foul here, then on average they would be giving at least 8.7 cents each. Therefore prospective wise, wouldn’t this bread and butter issue of CPF, be like 17.4 times or 1,740 percent more pressing or more important or ‘louder’ that a side dish in Ohio USA?

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