What the SA elections teach us

In Political governance on 22/09/2014 at 6:10 am

Earlier this year there was a general election in South Africa which should be a dose of reality for those anti-PAP cyber-warriors who say that in the next GE, the PAP will be out, without them having to do anything except rant at the PAP.

The election will confirm to the WP, SDP NSP and the Chiams, the obstacles they face, while making the PAPpies smile.

The governing African National Congress (ANC) lost a few percentage points nationally compared with 2009, but when you consider the bad headlines – from the police shootings in Marikana, to violent service delivery protests, to President Jacob Zuma’s alleged corruption, to the government’s failure to deliver text books to school children – it is not unreasonable for the party to spin its 62% of the vote as a formidable victory. (

The result is proof of the power of incumbency …

Even Heart Truths will not be able to argue that S’pore has SA levels of unemployment (24%), inflation (6% and climbing fast) and crime (murder rate of 3.1 per 100,000 people). Though given Roy’s (, and Hui Hui’s (3,000 can become 6,000 and 500 become 1000) ability to conjure up “facts”, I wouldn’t be surprised if he can come up with similar figures.

Meanwhile Heart Truths and many other bloggers continue to blind themselves and other anti-PAP paper activists to the reality that the PAP, is adapting to the new environment. As someone who does not want any party controlling two-thirds of the legislature, I can only hope the PAP refuses to change its “We love FTs” policy. If it does change this policy (or pretends to and manages to fool us), and continues spending our money on ourselves, the best I can hope for in the next GE is that light blue clones of the MIW retain their seats. 1996 all over again? Sigh.

So pls Heart Truths and other anti-PAP cyber warriors pls go buy Hard Choices and understand the enemy you are facing. Don’t let the efforts and hopes of 2011 be squandered, like the the hopes and efforts of 1991 were squandered by the antics of JBJ and the SDP. Only Chiam and Low kept the flame of dissent alive until 2006, 10 yrs later.

We might not be so lucky after the next GE.

Meanwhile, TRE readers are not willing to cough up the money to keep the site going for 12 months. They came up with $ to keep it going for 3-4 months. Worse they donated “peanuts”. Of the $17,000 raised, there was a donation of $10,000 from one person. How to defeat PAP?





  1. Like I said, golden times ahead, no worries man. PAPies are masters of psychology — made even easier by the small minds of Sinkies. From cocktail parties and party sessions, the PAPies know very well what they need to do to stay in power — the only thing holding them back is how much any new policies will affect their $3M salaries AND background businesses. They spend a great deal of brain power and effort balancing between maintaining votes & maintaining bank accounts. They will first implement those policies that affect their $$$$ and businesses the least, those woolly & fluffy type of talk-cock policies, and institute mass propaganda to stone the masses. E.g. the PGP and recent tweaks to CPF, HDB etc.

  2. What to do. Before I became more politically aware, I used to take in wholesale the media line that people like JBJ and Chee were anarchists. Now, I still think they are a bit off tangent and crazy, but I think, at least, they fought. I mean really fought.

    Anti PAP keyboard warriors as you think, seem to think that all they have to do is work those fingers on the computer and PAP will disappear by magic. One on hand, we have a cabinet full of the highest paid ministers in the world. One the other side of the spectrum, we have all these keyboard fanatics, who don’t show up, don’t pay up, and think that exercising their fingers = advocating for change and democracy.

    We have oppositions, credible ones working the ground, raising questions in Parliament. Even those who are not yet voted in are also doing their bit, putting out alternative policy papers. All this is hard work, and many do it for free, yet they are doing it.

    Do they even get the full recognition? No. The same keyboard fanatics who should be getting fully behind them, then turn around and say things like “Roy Ngerng is doing more than all the opposition members combined.” “WP is such a disappointment”. On and on. Opposition politics, to these people unfortunately, means subscribing to their same level of KPKB and ranting. If not, all don’t count it seems.

  3. Even better, those TRE born complainers are of the opinion that their rants on TRE are the main catalyst for propelling the opposition to prominence. There is more than one suggestion in the forum that opposition parties should fund TRE since they are the ones that keep the opposition alive and viable. Goodness.

    I suppose for every die hard PAP fanatic there is a TRE complainer to complement him/her. Those two may have different beliefs, but I’m starting to realise that actually both are really the same type.

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