No need to change Hong Lim Park rules

In Political governance on 09/10/2014 at 5:04 am

(Update on 10 September at 6pm: Police investigating protest participants for “unlawful assembly, ””Police did not approve your permit regarding the march,” the police officer told Han Hui Hui on 27 September. As I said earlier, see below, sure can something to charge Roy, H3 etc.)


The govt is opportunistically using the hooliganish behaviour (as evidenced by Yahoo, and ToC’s videos) of Roy, H3 and gang (even Dr Chee, once Mad Dog Chee until he underwent treatment, and TOC say they were wrong to disrupt the YMCA’s event) to suggest that changes to the rules are in order and are being planned. It would say this wouldn’t it? Anything to make it more difficult for S’poreans to voice their dissent and unhappiness with govt policies.

There is really no need to make changes.Roy, New Citizen H3 and friends are exceptions to the rule that S’poreans are respectful of others in public. In fact, we are too respectful of others in public. But as overnight litter on the beaches show, when no one is watching things are different.

Juz throw Roy and New Citizen H3 into jail for a few weeks (sure can find a suitable charge). Maybe even put them into isolation. As this article shows people even confess to crimes they never committed when isloated . Happened in a country not known for rough interrogation methods, and which respects human dignity and rights.

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Other wannabe Roys and H3 will take heed.

But doesn’t this sound like tearing off the wings of two noisy, aggressive young crows to frighten the sheep, chickens and monkeys? Maybe, maybe not. But it’s better than making new rules to make protesting more difficult.

And deport Han Hui Hui: she is “trash” not “talent”, and anyway she hates the S’porean traits of hard work, telling the truth, and civility (Go read her blog). How she became a New Citizen is beyond me. But then how did Yang Yin and ang moh awaiting trial  become  PRs, andtwo-timing Raj become a New Citizen? And how SGX’s CEO and president get the posts?



  1. Where the fuck is Hong LEONG Park?

  2. Well bro, I would not go as far to deprive 3H’s right to citizenship. But lets say I hope this incident opens the eyes of people.

    There are those who keep playing the card of “but roy made the nation take notice of cpf.” Yes he did. But we took notice, observed, thought and majority of us decide we don’t agree on him for many things.

    And pray tell what sweeping changes has he brought? Little to none. Govt has their own cpf committee now. They will turn and say “look people, you want a guy like roy to represent you?” And they would be right. Many of us don’t.

    If there is one lesson here, it is that speaking up for a good cause don’t mean success and support if you don’t set a good example.

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  4. When does anew citizen a acquire full rights to speak up? Never in your book, I guess, you freaking bigot. Stop going on and on about Han hui hui, you big bully. Your grandparents were new citizens too. Hell, all of us were new citizens in 1965, you freaking exMalaysian yourself.

    • This is S’pore. New citizens are expected to have the “right” tots. Seriously, Can I suggest you go read her blog and then decide if I’m right in my views of this “Trash”.

    • I didn’t move in 1965. M’sia moved on, juz like UK did. Chk yr facts.

      Seems police is following my suggestion on what to do about New citizen H3.

  5. I hope you are just joking in your suggestion on how to deal with Roy and H3. Besides focusing on them, should you not also focus on the other party and the authority? Is the other party innocent? Is the authority fair and impartial? I choose not to focus on Roy and H3 because they are just simple-minded individuals whereas the actions of the big organization and the authority have great implication on every one of us as individual. If their allegations are true, are we to condone the behaviour of the big and powerful in bullying/ignoring/insensitive to an individual’s need for shared space? Can we accept a bias authority, one that is bias towards the big and powerful? These are the serious stuff we should focus on and not the insignificant noise/mistake made by individuals in their dealing with the big and powerful.

    • Seems police is following my suggestion on what to do about New citizen H3.

      • Well, I had expected it also but since you said it before their actions, you deserved the credit.
        Then do you really think Roy and H3 are the root cause of the problem and by charging them or by removing them, the problem would be gone?

      • Well if you frame it that way, the only way is to vote PAP out. Given that 70% of S’poreans are comfortable with PAP or PAP-lite policies, the rest got to do a lot more than juz disrupt kids’ performances and YMCE’s activities.

  6. Voting PAP out is not the solution if the new govt also behave in the same way. There is no reason to believe the new govt will not misbehave when it is to their advantage and the people condone it.

    You are right to say the other got to do a lot more than disrupting kids’ performances. The rest of us as commenters/keyboard warriors/spectator can play our part by making sure we praise/condemn when gracious/ungracious moves are made. The praise can be bestowed lavishly but appropriately while condemnation should be accompanied with idea/suggestion on how they could have handled it better. This will guide/pressure everyone to behave graciously and more importantly, help to prevent the abuse of power by those in authority.

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