Police offered canteen meal break to H3, she declined

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Then KPKB that she was denied food. The drama princess wanted restaurant food at People’s Park is it?

Let me explain.

I awaited with interest the police’s response to the following allegations made by New Citizen H3

— she wasn’t allowed to eat despite being interviewd for over seven hours (“her request for food was denied. She was also not allowed to leave PCC for dinner,” her cheer leader TRE wrote.); and

— the police took away her notes of the interview.

These seemed contrary to the “right” procedure.

In this morning’s SunT, the police said that she had declined a break for dinner. So it seems she was allowed to eat in the police canteen but she declined. She wanted something better*? People’s Park gourmet food?. What can I say? Hui Hui has a terrible record when it comes to telling the truth.

[Update at 2.20pm: TOC reports

The police also said it was Ms Han who had “declined an offer to take a break for dinner.”

However, Ms Han said she was told – at about 5pm – that the interview would only last a further 30 minutes. This was why she decided not to have the dinner break.

As it turned out, the interview took another 4 hours or so and only ended at 9.30pm.

Juz wondering: when interview went beyond 6.00pm, did she ask for a meal break? And if “No”, why not? And if she asked for a break, but wasn’t given one, why doesn’t she now KPKB about it?]


On the taking away of her notes, I’ll wait for further details to emerge before commenting. But this I will say: Many yrs ago when I was interviewed by the CAD on whether my actions could amount to a crime, I recollect being offered pen and paper so that I could take notes. When I declined, the officer said,”Sure or not?”. I said I would be signing a police statement and if I disagrred I wouldn’t sign.

Btw, can confirm that there is no truth in the allegation that SGH’s A&E was flooded with policemen and women with fang and claw wounds. Still trying to confirm that H3’s police interviewer is being treated for Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms.

[Update at 2.25pm: Can also confirm not true that any police person was given anti-rabies vaccination.]

Reminds me of Pussy Lim and other M’sian Chinese

  1. Well you too have a shitty record for telling the truth as well

    Darkness 2014

  2. and the biggest worry for this type of person ? to be put on a polygraph test. lol !

  3. Much as you dislike Han Hui Hui, the police interview seems very much like intimidation to me. 7 hours? Why don’t you write about that instead?

    • Well I kanna interviewed for 4-5 hrs, and another two hrs would not have been a real issue. LOL. As I said above, there is a right procedure. Police interview in my experience and that of others I know is a hassle but there was never any intimidation. Police wanted facts to see if they could charge.

      • That’s my point – to hassle and to inconvenience, with threats of laying charges. Was it really such a serious matter? If so, were other parties involved in this matter (NPB, YMCA etc) also “invited” to interviews with police, as part of their thorough investigation

    • Btw, someone who works closely with H3 doesn’t think that she knows the meaning of being intimidated.

  4. He says, she says…can anyone recall how frequent these things happen. Perhaps the most famous would be lky saying that his elevation as PAP’s supremo was never put to a vote n all the others said huh? I’m pretty sure the police has recording of the interview with easy to put this matter to a rest…why not huh…

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