What Hui Hui & WP have in common

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PritamS (plays footie with PAP MPs and wants a coalition with the PAP), Yaw (remember him? I hope Mrs Yaw hasn’t repented of her decision to stand by her man.) and Hui Hui are from Jurong Junior college.

I’m sure ISD is monitoring the teachers there. Two WP MPs and one young crow from the same JC is worrying for the future prosperity of S’pore.

Teachers in JJC should be afraid, very afraid. Actually whoever is responsible for civic responsibility should be proud of having two WP MPs as old boys, though concerned about Hui Hui’s inability to tell the truth, and Yaw’s philandering. And so should the person who tot General Paper to Hui Hui. Go read her blog. She can’t think logically and rationally.

Update at 4.49am: Came across this disliked TRE post which sums up my views on KPKB Princess


what is wrong with HHH?

She has a persecution complex. When she wears the T-shirt that says “WANT TO SUE ME” , she is really challenging the authorities to take strong actions against her and she will go out to create trouble, even if means disrupting an event for the less fortunate to achieve her aims.

This girl has shown time and again that she will exaggerate and lie to get public sympathy and support. as much as I support a credible moderate opposition, I think HHH is nothing but a mindless trouble-maker and doing much to destroy the credibility of opposition.

I urge the government to rise up to her challenge and SUE her.

Hear, hear.

Btw, another reason why I dislike her is because as quai lan person she is always trying to avoid the consequences of her actions.

Want to be quai lan, have to accept the consequences of one’s actions. “Live by the sword, be prepared to die by the sword,” has been one of my mottoes.


  1. Hey, old man, get a life. You have nothing better to do than beat up on HHH. You are obsessed with her. Go jerk off, creep.

  2. Bro, I admire your willingness to speak up against HHH. But maybe there is no longer a need too that often lah. As you can see, the more you speak up, the more the only response you getting are from the usual TRE/Roy/HHH apologist clique who will clutch on straws and continue their usual vitriol hurling and name calling.

    I believe HHH has played her cards, people know her mode of operation, people know what she stands for by now. How much support she will really get, we can see at the next HLP rally.

    My guess is not much.

    So move on. There’s work to be done in building a credible opposition and HHH can soon be left out of the picture totally.

  3. If there is no truth to what she is saying, she will ulitmately destroy herself. No need to use an entire army, navy, Air Force,police force, grass root communities, old people with nothing better to do, judiciary and Singtel to fix one person.

    Unless of course she is telling hurtful truths that may rock your special interest foundation

  4. You forgot to include the shit times etc etc etc..the ultimate kiashuism of the rich elites

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