HORRORS: S’pore next to bottom in Asean ranking?

In Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam on 08/11/2014 at 7:18 am


Real GDP growth forecasts


The Thais can blame the political problems there. Govt here blames the “deft” locals for insisting that govt cuts back on its uber liberal immigration policy? To be fair, we’ve the only developed country in Asean, so lower growth rates are par for the course. Tell that to TRE ranters and other anti-PAP paper warriors: they blame the PAP for everything that isn’t “right” here. .


Asian economies GDP chart

  1. Singapore rank 106,score 42/100 in New Corporate Transparency Report,
    HK rank 10,score 73/100
    Malaysia rank 76,score 50/100
    Indonesia rank 44,score 59/100
    China rank 20,score 66/100
    USA rank 26,score 64/100
    Singapore’s tagline might be ‘paywall nation’ as members-only restrictions and privatised data providers frustrate attempts to source both corporate and litigation data. These restrictions see Singapore perform much worse on the Compass rankings than in many other international indices.
    Rank Metric Score
    106 Overall score 42
    167 News 38
    68 Corporate 48
    124 Litigation 40

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