PAP administration scores own goal?

In Financial competency, Political governance on 11/11/2014 at 5:03 am

(Update on 12 november 2014 at 4.30am; U/m makes a mistake (“an honest mistake”) in assuming that “yellow” in the table means “gold” or “best”. It actually is an “amber” sign”. Hence the amendments shown.)

Don’t the MND KPIs show WP has a “heart of gold” and competency while proving that the competent PAP town councils have hearts of granite?

This is a plausible reasonable view despite the framing by wannabe Sith Lord turned wannabe Jedi Knight as“I wonder what is more important to the Aljunied/Hougang voter : the need for a contrarian voice in Parliament or a well-run housing estate.”. She is ignoring the fact that the one and only WP estate is as well run as any PAP estate by the three KPIs that should matter to residents: even better than some including the PM’s very own estate. But then she was once upon a time a serious contender to be ST’s editor.

First a reminder of waz the issue is all about.

The bureaucrats in a ministry (MND) in the PAP administration failed the one and only WP town council on two KPIs out of  five  devised by said bureaucrats and the governing party: arrears collection and governance.

Methinks, that the WP’s results will make voters reflect hard on whether

— “The PAP will always be on Singapore and Singaporeans’ side.”

— “The PAP will always do its best for Singapore and Singaporeans.”

(PM on 7 November)

As far as governance, the issue is a very technical accounting issue (which may or may not have financial implications, that may be serious or not) and the WP is playing hard ball. But then wimps* too sometimes have their boiling points. And whatever the PAP and stooges allies may say, this “red” card doesn’t affect the daily lives of residents.

As to the issue of arrears collection, the charge by MND is that the “sharp decline” in the S&CC arrears situation in AHPETC as being “of grave public concern”. Aljunied’s S&CC arrears rate rose from 2.6% in FY10 to 8.4% in FY11 and FY12, after Aljunied merged with Hougang. This was significantly above the national norm of about 3%, the MND noted.

The arrears rate rose further to 29.4% at the end of April 2013. “From May 2013, the TC stopped submitting its monthly S&CC arrears report altogether, despite repeated reminders.”

To me as an honrary club treasurer, once upon a time, this doesn’t look gd. But the devil is in the details. So I’ll not pass judgement on the WP until I hear its side of the story. But its silence is deafening.

Here’s what the PAP should be afraid of: what if LKY’s “daft” S’poreans decide

Those running AHPETC must have hearts of gold to hold back from driving those unable to pay to the wall. Thus demonstrating a caring spirit that others only mouth.?

And not the right views of

Would this seeming inability to collect what is due to the AHPETC make them shake their heads and vow never should this brand of incompetency be allowed to run our country?

Or would the revelations make some among the discerning voters think one or all of the following:

1) There must be a concentration of poor people in AHPETC

2) There must be a concentration of canny skivvers in AHPETC who are able to keep delaying paying what they owe

3) Those who want to be successful should move far away from AHPETC for poverty and dishonest skivving could be as infectious as SARS

On the KPIs of cleanliness and lift performance it was second to none: being equal to PAP estates. In estate maintenance it was better than five PAP managed councils, including PM’s very own AMK.

So based on MND’s KPIs, one can reasonably conclude that

Those running AHPETC must have hearts of gold to hold back from driving those unable to pay to the wall. Thus demonstrating a caring spirit that others only mouth; and

— The WP is juz as competent, if not better, than any PAP town council in providing services.

Oh what a tangle web we weave …

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  1. Maybe it’s not WP has a heart of gold. Maybe it’s because PAP is willing to use government money to write off the bad debts and show a good “record”.

  2. I am an Aljunied resident living with my parents. Lately, due to some disagreements I had with the TC, I have been asking my parents not to pay the S&C fees. My reasoning is simple. Why should we pay to an administration body that we did NOT vote for??? Let those people who voted for them pay for them.

    I can only imagine the sheer number of people who feels the same way. I hope these people continue to withhold payment and hopefully we can shame the Workers Party out of parliament.

    Why can’t Aljunied have a “normal” and competent town council like other constituencies??

    • Hey, @Lim, I just love the pure logic of yr reasoning. I think it’s worth its weight in implementation on a nation-wide basis.

      Why don’t you bring this up to PM Lee himself to propose such a bill in his PAP-dominated parliament? Truly, someone yr calibre, so thinking-out-of-the-box type, is wasted just writing comments here. Don’t waste it, dude. Serve the country as a PAP candidate.

      Let me know when you do. I’ll be following yr speeches and writings most closely. Thx.

    • @Lim, i support your point.
      That also means i should not pay the S&CC for both my mother’s and my place cos we didn’t vote for the PAP.

    • Democracy doesn’t mean you get to have it your way all the time. It means you get a vote. Once the voting is done, you damn well adhere to the results, or you’re breaking the law.

      I don’t agree with having a casino here, but do I go and firebomb it because it’s “not what I voted for”? If I disagree with National Service, should I be allowed not to go because it’s “not what I voted for?”

      By refusing to respect the outcome of a valid election, you’re not just disrespecting the Workers Party. You’re showing contempt for the legislative, executive, and judicial bodies of your entire country.

      Grow up. This world doesn’t revolve around you, your opinions, and what you want or don’t want to pay for.

  3. ‘why should I pay for a TC that I did not pay for?” that very same logic, then 40% of us can also stop paying for all our taxes to a govt that we didn’t vote for lah! Apparently PAP voters are even more nincompoop.

    By the way, SMRT during Saw Phiak Hwa’s time also boasted a good corporate governance. What shit does that do for the consumers in terms of service and safety delivery?

    • Yup. All those who voted for Oppo in PAP areas can by the PAppy’s logic stop paying In my area PAP won by few hundred votes: thas 49.9%

    • Don’t be stupid. When did I say you can don’t pay your taxes? I’m talking about S&C charges, paid to a party-run town council. NOT taxes, which is paid to IRAS, a non-partisan statutory board. The two are DIFFERENT things. IRAS will always be around, regardless of who governs. PAP does not own IRAS. But AHPETC (what a stupid acronym) will be gone once Worker’s Party is voted out. Please don’t compare apples and oranges. Clear??

      • Eh Lim, are you stupid?

        “Party-run town council” means its run by the ruling party right? So if we didn’t vote for PAP in our area, does it mean (by your lanjiao reasoning) that we don’t have to pay because well, we didn’t vote for the party in power?

        And don’t keyboard warrior lah Lim. Go and make sure that you can do a better job than those “monkeys at AHPETC” okay? Otherwise you’re worse than a fucking monkey.

        FYI, please continue to stop paying you S&C fees. I’ll just grab my popcorn and wait for you to get issued a writ of summons for non-payment of S&C fees.

  4. mountain out of molehill — favourite tactic of pappies.

    Potong Pasir under Chiam also had similar arrears as Hougang for many years. Until PAPpy took over and started suing those who owe S&CC.

    Those who still refused to pay / attend court had bailiffs, police, and HDB fellers visiting at night to enforce orders to confiscate & sell off TV, computers, furniture, DVD players. After that they will enforce orders to force those still owing $$$ to sell their flats.

    People forced to go to courts and/or force-sell their flats are not in position to complain & broadcast their plight to the rest of S’pore.

    Even if some of them manage to publish their story, PAPies already dig up their life story and will broadcast in Straits Times, ZhaoBao, TV that these are jobless lazy bastards not willing to take up $600-$800 jobs (after CPF deduction). And they keep having lots of children who are spoilt, misbehaved, potential robbers/thieves/rapists, who can’t even keep a $4/hr MacDonald’s job.

    • This is absolute hogwash. PAP has never sued anyone for S&C arrears. You must be imagining things. And you ought to be sued for spreading malicious lies. Of course I am not going to teach you how to properly manage S&C arrears. If you can’t figure that out yourself, you really shouldn’t be an MP in the first place!

      • No need to teach me — don’t think will learn much from your rotted brain.

        Maybe you should preach to the hundreds of families being hauled to the courts to pay their S&CC. They are also being arm-twisted by HDB to sell off their flats.

        Maybe you so smart can hep these few hundred families.

      • Lim, you are an ignorant fool. People have been issued summons and brought to court for arrears for ages. Your season parking are canceled and eventually your HDB flat sold to pay for the arrears. Right, PAP don’t SUE, but try not answering the summons or pay when ordered by the courts to do so.

        Are you living in your own world? I didn’t vote for PAP, should I stop paying for the S&CC?Because my estate IS filthy. You will never convince anyone with that kind of arguments, shouting people down.

  5. Estate maintenance. In think u are mistaken here. wp is yellow and amk is green, meaning amk is better than wp.

  6. Hello, Cy Inv, going by WP’s track record, there is more than meet the eye. By record, I refer to the AHPETC accounts tt led to the revelation of PA accounts and then the recent court case where WP brought up the need for a TC to seek approval fr a non-elected grassroots body to organize a fair. Both show tt the old fox, Low, has more than something else up his sleeves. (If u r inclined, check out what I wrote () which TRE refused to publish.

    Yes, I hv written critical views of their inaction & silence recently. But where WP (or other) has done right by us citizens, they shd be highlighted as well.

    As for this commentator here telling why his ma’s not paying AHPETC fees, boy, we need guys with such thinking like we need more dafts to vote PAP. He’s a class of his own…missed the irony of my response to his comment. G’day!

    • Such an amusing conversation! By the way, Lim (I dunno if you’re a troll but assuming you aren’t) unless your parents don’t use the lifts and walkways that the TC maintains and they stay at home all day, they should probably do the responsible thing and pay up! It’s so shameful not to mention terribly unlucky to owe people money.

      • Totally support not paying Aljunied S&C. I live in Sembawang GRC, I also stopped paying my S&C and advised my parents not to pay their S&C in East Coast GRC also. We did not vote for PAP so no reason why we should pay the S&C.

  7. I would suggest, Lim, that you should then take your trash to the nearest PAP Town Council-run estate for disposal.

  8. Lim has just given us a great idea which the rest of us should follow.

    1) Stop paying for your s&c charges if you did not vote for the party that is running it.

    2) If they sue you, tell them Lim said PAP TCs never do so, so don’t even try.

  9. I refuse to pay taxes to a fake government anyway. IRAS is not non partisan. They are partisan. Anybody who doesn’t see that is blind.

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