LKY: Why liddat PAP?

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I was sadden* when I saw the above. Was it necessary to take photos of LKY standing? When he had to be propped up in such an obvious matter. No-one should be treated like a prop, especially not LKY.

There were ways to make sure he could have stood in dignity, if it was tot necessary, for him to stand beside his son, and between his son and GCT. Why couldn’t the photos be taken sitting down?

LKY was very protective of Rajaratnam (Remember him? LKY’s Goebbels) in his later yrs (He had dementia ). When he was Senior Minister, he reprimanded privately a local newspaper to a local rag when it published a photo of Rajaratnam. He said it was undignified to show an ill man. One may disagree with LKY on the photo (the editor did not think it was an undignified photo) but one can understand the sentiment behind the reprimand.

I think the photos were an honest mistake. I don’t think the PAP wanted to treat him like a stuffed trophy.

But conspiracy theorists may hink otherwise: the photos were intended to send S’poreans a message? Waz the message then? What do you think is the message?

*From his expression,. I don’t think he was insisting on standing. What do you think?



  1. From the photos, not sure if he is senile…

    • So sad, so old still got to wayang. Tok Mahathir smarter, went when the going was good and having a good time in the background. Can say what he likes and nobody dares show disrespect.

    • At that age, photos are deceptive. Someone who I met in May or june and who had talked to him in 2013 and early 2014 says that his mind was still sharp but could wonder. If he were senile, doubt that son would wheel him out for show. Juz the usual PAP insensitivity, I suspect.

  2. Anything to stay in power for these power crazy eunuchs

  3. It is time for MM Lee to chant mantra : “Ma-Ra-Na-Tha.”seriously,our creator Allah does not give up on anyone.
    6 Steps to Get You Closer to Allah (SWT)

  4. Yesterday I showed a nephew (35 and a regular gym goer) the pix and the online comments and he shrugged: So? Popo’s only 89 and she is unable to get out of bed. Thus I don’t think many in the younger more vibrant generation would make much ado about what the pix says or doesn’t say about our first PM.

    • About time too Can you think of any country where the leader went into semi-retirement in 1991 and still manages to get people emotional about him, gd or bad? Even in China the last two presidents are history. LOL.

  5. Shld grab the old fart by the balls and send his ass to batam old folks home. No more economic value to S’pore. Sucking big bucks from taxpayers — $1M a year medical plus pension. Another $15K a month for not attending meet-the-people sessions and not attending parliament. Simple economic hard truths.

  6. I agree with you. Roosevelt had polio and in wheelchair but it was well hidden from the public. Sure there was no internet nor other modern tech then, but the press knew what to do.

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