SatuSingapura, a new oppo party in the making?

In Political governance on 03/12/2014 at 4:38 am

Yesterday,  I read that Goh Meng Seng (Remember him? Ex-NSP secretary-general and adviser to presidential candidate Tan Kin Lian, who lost his deposit, but in so doing allowed the preferred PAP candidate to win by three hundred odd votes) had come out fighting defending “cartoonist” Leslie Chew’s comments about the Worthless Party. Trust GMS to attack the WP at any opportunity*. He even used the news that Auntie and Quah Kim Song were dating to attack her and WP.

This reminded me that in the recent past he had blogged on voting for the right oppo party.

For the coming GE, opposition supporters should ask the various opposition parties on their positions on vital importance:

1) What do they think about current political system and do they think we need to improve the Checks and Balances of the whole system?

2) Do they believe in Separation of Powers as the main pillar of Democratic system? If so, what do they suggest to enhance the Separation of Powers in our current political system?

3) Do they believe in Freedom of Speech? If so, what do they suggest to change from status quo?

4) Do they believe in Social Justice? If so, what do they suggest to enhance it?

5) Do they believe in Rule of Law? Are they satisfied with the current system? If not, what do they suggest to enhance it?

If any opposition party refuse or try to shy away from answering all these basic questions, you should beware of their TRUE COLORS.

If I go thru the publicly professed beliefs of the WP, SDP, NSP and the Chiams (the rest of the oppo parties don’t matter), I don’t think any party lives to GMS’s high standards: not even the NSP when he was sec-gen.

So I’m hoping that this isn’t a sign of his intention to start another party. Do we need another? One with him and possibly Tan Kin Lian at the helm?

I also hope that if he sets up a new party, he isn’t planning to sabo anyone or some or all of the WP, SDP, NSP and the Chiams by forcing three-way fights..

To be constructive towards GMS, here’s a map for GMS (and also s/o JBJ, SDA, Pwee’s lot and Tan Jee Say’s gang). to show where they should feel free to contest each other and the PAP. The areas to contest are where s/o JBJ and followers, SDA (Except Punggol East where the WP won a subsequent by-election and where the SDA candidate and s/o JBJ lost their deposits), stood in 2011, where the SPP fielded a non-Chiam in a SMC, and Tanjong Pagar.

They should feel free to fight three-corner or four-corner contests, because the SDA and s/o JBJ have broken the ‘no” third party pact that the Oppo parties have traditionally adhered too.

Leave the other areas to whoever contested in 2011.

Readrs will know I’ve expressed my fear that in next GE, it’ll be 1963 all over again.

We [Barisan Socialists] won thirteen seats at the elections, averaging 15.000 votes to each seat. The PAP won thirty- seven seats, averaging 7,000 votes to each seat. The United People’s Party, whose function was to split the left-wing votes, campaigned on a programme that was somewhat similar to ours but more extremely put. Only their leader, Mr. Ong Eng Guan, was elected. We received 201,000 votes (35 per cent) and the PAP 272,000 votes (47 per cent). The difference is only 70,000 votes out of a total electorate of nearly 500,000. The UPP took away 49,000 votes (8 per cent), causing us the loss of seven constituencies (apart from Mr. Ong’s), and saved four PAP Ministers from defeat.

As to SatuSingapura? Taz the handle that GMS adds to his Facebook wall.


*He also attacked the NSP when giving “advice” to Nicole Seah (Remember her? The People’s Princess?)


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