Help out Singkie investors, retire to Malacca or Penang

In Malaysia on 06/12/2014 at 4:36 am

Unlike me, a friend’s friend has done his research on retiring in M’sia. Renting a place is the biggest expense (like me he doesn’t believe in buying in M’sia*) and the cheapest place to rent in a near-to-S’pore urban environment is Malacca or Penang.

This is because S’poreans who invested in apartments there have serious problems renting them out. They forgot that land is plentiful even in Malacca and Penang.

So do yr fellow S’poreans and yrself a favour, go retire in Penang or Malacca. And there is the added advantage of easy access to first-world medical treatment at M’sian prices.

Btw, he calculates that a couple can live in Penang or Malacca very comfortably at S$2,500 a month. To retire to Cameron Highlands (my fav) is more expensive (S$3,500). Rent is expensive there as development is controlled.


Singapore took a tumble on the list of 50 Most Inspiring Cities in the World, down from number two last year to number 21 this year.

The GOOD City Index describe itself as a celebration of the 50 cities around the world that best capture the elusive quality of possibility.

The index looked at eight areas; hub for progress, civic engagement, street life, defining moment, connectivity, green life, diversity, and work/life balance.

Hong Kong took the top spot on the list this year, climbing up from the 24th position last year.

Other regonal cities on the top 50 list include Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei, and Tokyo.–sector.html


*latest example of capriciousness of M’sia’s rulers: the Malacca state govt is planning to seize property that the Portuguese, Dutch and British handed out.

  1. We have come back full circle to the days when our ancestors from China and India come here to make a living (some struck it rich) and retire back home haven’t we?

  2. fandi ahmad has recently said he plans to retire in batam island ’cause it’s even cheaper there as compared to m’sia !

    • Either Fandi is really poor or he really that dumb. Many parts of M’sia are comparable to S’pore. Batam (and Bintang) at its best (inide resorts) is comparable. But try living in the local areas.

  3. ‘This is because S’poreans who invested in apartments there have serious problems renting them out. They forgot that land is plentiful even in Malacca and Penang.’

    You are blogging and smoking your ganja pipe again. Penang has one of the most expensive real estate prices in the whole of peninsular Malaysia. Especially george town. As heritage laws do not allow private developers to tear down old buildings to erect condos. In certain cases even outstripping KL.

    Try to have a good day…try

    Darkness 2014

    • Pls read what I said, not what you think I said. I’m talking S$ terms, not ringgit terms. Beng pak or are you really that thick?

  4. Good luck to anyone who actually believe they can retire comfortably on S$2500 a month in Penang. They will need it.

  5. If one really wants to retire in penang intelligently. Then consider this model. Buy a townhouse somewhere in metro Penang. The going rate these days is around RM$ 2 – 2.5 million. Usually these peranakan houses are in a run down state – one needs to realistically provision $500 K to spruce it up. Unless you’re like me and can build the thing from scratch.

    Town houses are gazetted as heritage buildings in the state of Penang. They cannot be demolished or en bloc. So your investment can only appreciate with time – since there will only be X number of them (finite), it’s only a matter of time before a tipping point will be reached where they will run out – the prices have been appreciating steadily in the last 10 years making safer than Swiss convertible bonds – When most people think of investments, they want three things: significant appreciation potential, current income and safety of principal. Town houses in Penang do all three reliably and it’s a hard combination to beat. Better than investing in Singapore – too expensive,lousy ROI.

    The Penang state government encourages owners to convert them into commercial property. Rent out the lower part to a business. Alternatively start your own enterprise with your better half to cater to the booming tourist trade. Stay on the top floor free and enjoy the capital appreciation.

    The best way to retire is to run your own business…..I retired at 40.

    So don’t listen to this fool who tells you not to buy in Malaysia. We don’t live in a world of lexicons! Everything in this planet can be risk managed. That’s just lousy advise that keeps you poor. All you’re doing if you rent and spend in Malaysia is impersonating a dry cell battery….make your money work for you instead. Make more money.

    Darkness 2014

    P.S Forget Melaka, it’s a dead ducky….you should go retire there lah CI.

  6. I recommend Ipoh, Taiping or Kampar. Cheap housing, food and easy access to Penang, Lumut, Cameron Highlands or Kuala Lumpur. Why waste precious money in Penang or Melaka ?

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