Double confirm StanChart’s rogue bank & PAP apologist is a fool

In Banks, Emerging markets, Hong Kong, Temasek on 10/12/2014 at 11:10 am

Remember a “PAP is always right” man KPKBing when StanChart was charged that the reulator was a “rogue regulator”. StanChart then made the dean of LKY School look dumb, really dumb, by pleading guilty.

Double confirm that StanChart is a rogue bank and the PAP apologist is a fool because now: The management of Standard Chartered is facing renewed pressure after being placed under fresh scrutiny by US regulators.

Two years after being fined more than £400m for breaching US sanctions towards Iran, the bank revealed that a two-year deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) that was imposed at the time was being extended for three years.

The US authorities are now investigating whether Standard Chartered breached its sanctions rules beyond 2007, the period when the previous offences for which the bank was penalised took place.

Looks like Santa didn’t bring Ho a nice Christmas present, giving her a turd instead. Juz look at share price chart from FT. [Chart added at 11.30 am]

Standard Chartered share price

  1. Oh,the official PAP “apologist” is still around?trying to fool the kids in the U!

  2. You should look at Chesapeake Energy price and it’s beginning to look like another Dud.

    • Why liddatt bruther? When share super gd, everyone except me quiet. When collapse KPKBed. Not that the Pm, PAP doesn’t deserve the shit you guys give him. He deserves it but for other reasons: not’cause of investment decisions LOL. I mean earlier this yr shin was flying, not sure where now.

  3. Madam sees only opportunities.”In the long run——-we are all ”
    Chesapeake Energy: The Risks And Opportunities

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