Ello Ello: Pinoy ambassador has nothing to say?

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Double standards of the Pinoy leader in S’pore?

The Philippines ambassador to Singapore, Antonio A Morales … expressed concern about “the few Singaporeans” who have lashed out, and condemned the blog that suggested abusing Filipinos.

“I think it was unfair and racist and discriminatory,” he said, adding that the blogger had still not been identified.

(My take on the interview

Well, how about the ambasador expressing concern and condemning the fact that Pinoy Ello Ello wants to drive out S’poreans from S’pore and replace them with Pinoys? Or at least since Ello Ello is alleging he was hacked, to remind Pinoys here that they are guests here, not the governing master race, and behave appropriately.  The fuuny thing is that in their home country, the American military are the governing master race: their dollars talk.

But let’s not be too unkind to the Pinoy leader here, when we have someone like William Wan:

Given the PAP administration love of FTs, one wonders why he never was made NMP. Maybe PAP found his love of FTs over S’poreans a tad too much with an election pending?

  1. The Philippines is a liberal democracy,and takes US as its model,I have great respect for the Aquinos,especially PNoy, ambasador Antonio A Morales should express concern and condemn the fact that Mr Ello Ello wants to drive out S’poreans from S’pore and replace them with filipinos.

  2. These are the people who will vote for hsein loong. That is why will find nothing ‘shocking’ or ‘appalling’ not even from chuan jin. Like I said these are the people who will vote for hsein loong.

    The rest can be massaged and made to suitably fit into a round hole, even it’s a square peg.

    Darkness 2015

  3. There are already a majority of FT-lovers in the PAP government. Not just in parliament but in the civil service as well.
    The biggest lover of lovers of FT is of course that dude lhl.
    And the worse is that the FTs know of lhl’s affection for them. That is also why they’re so bold & brazen even talking about driving Singaporeans out of our own country.
    PAP ministers especially lhl must be pretty happy that these FT helped him hammered Singaporeans.

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