Pinoy and PRC diplomatic behaviour contrasted

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(Or “Pinoy Pride at work: OK for Pinoys to threaten, insult S’poreans but not vice versa)

The Filipino embassy told a Filipino nurse to be “extra careful with his social media usage”*, days after the nurse, Edz Ello, made some insulting and threatening comments about S’porean on social media. He has alleged that he did not post the comments, alleging that he was hacked.

An intelligent TRE poster (glad to see more of them posting: too many fools talking cock posting rubbish) pointed out the difference between the official Pinoy response and the official Chinese response when a PRC juz flamed S’poreans:

Sunny Day: During dog incident, one of PRC embassy staff Madam Zhou gave stern rebuke to Sun Xu, had asked him to apologize to Singaporeans, NUS, his teachers and friends and everybody. So contrary to Pinoy govt response. You can be sure that Filipino govt soft action means they don’t disagree with ezo ello totally.

I’d add that China is a regional power and is seen by the US as threatening its regional and global hegemony; yet its officials knows how to behave towards a host country. So unlike the Pinoy officals here, whose country has to run crying and grovelling to the US whenever the Pinoy govt threaten China and get kicked in the face by China for their threats against China. And they still wanted in 2012 Chinese tourists to come gamble in Manila?  Btw, Chinese said the country is not safe.

What accounts for the arrogance of the diplomats and Ello here? They think they own the place juz because they think the first “P” in the “PAP” stands for “Pinoy”?

Whatever it is, we know where people like Ello get their inspiration: their diplomata, who refuse to condemn threatening and insulting behaviour when made by Pinoys but are quick to KPKB about“the few Singaporeans” who have lashed out, and condemned the blog that suggested abusing Filipinos.

“I think it was unfair and racist and discriminatory,” he said, adding that the blogger had still not been identified.

(My take on the interview

Well shouldn’t he condemn the language used in Ello’s Facebook (even if Ello alleged it wasn’t him), by saying that guests must respect their hosts? Instead the embassy merely tells Ello to be “extra careful with his social media usage”: this could simply mean “keep yr threats and insults about S’poreans among the Pinoy community”?

Maybe the diplomats are like this

We Filipinos are famous for being onion-skinned or easily slighted at perceived insults. While it’s perfectly normal for us to taunt and criticize others, we can’t handle the same when it’s being hurled back at us. Incidents showcasing our extra-sensitivity to insults usually involve a foreigner making either a bonafide racist remark or a humorous jab at us Filipinos. True to form, our reactions would range from righteous indignation to excessive grandstanding. While it is alright to feel incensed, throwing a fit in front of the world would inevitably do us no good at all.


*The Philippine embassy in Singapore has told a Filipino nurse to be “extra careful with his social media usage”, days after disparaging remarks about Singaporeans appeared on his Facebook account, which he said was hacked.

The Facebook post called Singaporeans “loosers” (losers) and expressed hope that “disators (disasters) will strike Singapore”. The Tan Tock Seng Hospital nurse has reported to the police that his account was hacked.

The Philippine embassy added that it has reiterated its previous advisories on the use of social media.

“Since the matter is under police investigation, the embassy advised the person concerned to cooperate fully with the SPF (Singapore Police Force).”

Tan Tock Seng Hospital has said it is working with the police on the investigation.

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  1. the whole world knows that filipinos are only interested in one thing and one thing only – making as much $$$ as possible when they are working abroad and then send all the $$$ back to their country.

  2. CI, since you have been going on quite a bit about Pinoy attitudes and behaviour, particularly in Singapore, I suggest you look at (or re-look) at the pictures of ex -iPresident Nathan celebrating Nathan’s birthday at breakfast at the Pinoy joint at Orchard Road. Jenny is of course open about her young male companion. Perhaps you see the source of the Pinoys’ courage to flaunt themselves here?

    • Thanks for reminder. I don’t have a problem with Nathan’s and Ho Ching’s presence there . My beef is that the Pinoys think that such behaviour gives them a special position in S’pore, and make them think they can abuse S’poreans. My biggest beef is with the embassy people.

  3. Sorry for the omission of the mention of Ho Ching at the do.

  4. Those pinoys thought that they were very good because of their so called “pinoy pride”.
    In actual fact, they are nothing spectacular.

  5. I think what the embassy meant by “extra careful with his social media usage” is the use of Tagalog to communicate such sensitive remarks among their own countrymen, unless they want the whole world to know their racist remarks. E.g. Everyone knows FTW, LOL but only true blue locals knows what is SMLJ, TCSS, etc. I still cannot understand why Mr Edz Ello wrote the remarks in English. I’m sure there are plenty of such postings in Tagalog, which will not be noticed unless a fellow Filipino decided to sell his own countryman out.

  6. /// “The best part, I will be praying that disators strike Singapore and more Singaporeans will die than I will celebrate.


    As a nurse, this Pinoy arsehole is in a very good position to kill off Stinkaporeans by pulling off the plugs or administering wrong medicine or extra doses.

    Why did TTSH even have to investigate the claim that his account was hacked. It was obviously done by a Pinoy – only a pinoy will pronounce disasters as disators, and spell losers as loosers.

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